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this happened to me last night...

this happened to me last night...

I was jelqing with very hard intesity …easy slow hard srokes … I did about 200 of them … and after it my penis was covered by lots of red spots all over ,maybe a hundred little red sports from all sides…. but on the place near the head below the skin it was a little blood … just a dot , but dark blood dot … Today lots of red spots gone … but that dark blood spor spread below the skin …. it’s going away slowly …. My question is if I could jelq with that thing , red spots , even if they are still there , or I should take a break a day or two , so the spots subside and go away ??

I don’t think that it is a reason for you to stop but hold off for a more experienced voice to confirm or deny that.

The red spots are just capilaries breaking. Possibly ease up just a bit on the intensity of your jelq’s and if your not already, definetly add heat to your routine.

Do yourself a favor and wait at least 4 days or till it goes away. If you start too soon it’ll just keep aggravating the injury. I’ve had a similar problem before and I just waited till it was all healed. I know you cant wait to PE again but a few days off isnt gonna hurt.

I’ve had that on my shaft and one on my glans. You broke a blood vessel right under the skin. No biggy. If it bothers you, rest a few days and resume.


It’s strange how some guys are almost afraid to do PE and others just want to beat the hell out of it. If you want to get results, don’t injure yourself so much. You are in control, though it doesn’t seem like it. Don’t take it personal, I used to do the same. Really though, it does work better when you don’t hurt yourself so much. So reduce your intensity and jelq on!

Fairly common problem. Check some of the collected wisdom on the infamous “Red Spots”:

Spotting On The Penis Head


"Eat Beaver - Save Trees - Simple right?"


Are you warming up? I ask because a good warmup will help reduce the risk of getting these red spots.

Now the red spots are harmless, as people have already stated. However, with some people, if they carrying on PEing before they’ve healed and aren’t visible, then it just keeps the blood vessels weak and you could end up with semi-permanent to permanent discolouration.

So before your workout warmup thoroughly, start easy and build up slowly to condition your unit against this effect, and after why not give the skin a massage.

It’ll thank you for it.

The first time I got the infamous red spots was doing Gprent’s blasters. Man they are intense!

It really is no big deal. Keep going if you like or just rest up for a few days.

If you want them to disappear faster, then warm up your tool (rice sock or warm towel as per normal warm up) and then gently massage your unit. Also rub the skin between your thumb and fore finger. This really gets rid of them fast!! I had a few scary days when I was stealth PEing and got my first case of red spots!!

I don’t worry about it anymore.

Hope this helps.

Your are getting the red spots because your dick is not used to the intensity you are using or you must have taken a couple of days off. IMO the worse thing you can do is take a break. You need to get your member used to it. My girlfriend asked me what I am going to “him” to make him all red and bruised up. I told her that as long as I do not take any days off, this will slowly start going away. YUPE, showed it to her last night and it is ALL gone. It is like doing push ups, if you NEVER work out, they will make you sore, but if you bench press heavy weight regularly, of course push ups are not near enough to make it sore. It is just what you are used to. That is my 2 cents….lol

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