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This girl had to be a freak

This girl had to be a freak

I am readin a alot of post here with women who over estimate the size of their partners which is true but have any of you ever encountered one who UNDERESTIMATED ur size I was wid a gurl and after I dropped my pants she said how big is it 4 INCHES ? I didnt kno whether to laff or cry at the time I was about 6.5 bpel and 5.6 e.g

I think that gurl bets all


44 posts and we still have to tell you to read the Forum Guidelines concerning posting style and using proper English? Get with the program!

First MaybeTravis is poorly educated in grammer and not just trying to upset you grammer freaks. Not everyone who misspells words does so on purpose.

Second, the girl you were with is a complete ass hole, Travis. What kind of person would be about to have sex, watch their partner undress, and start critizing their body? Don’t take it personally. Some people get their kicks by putting others down. Kick that bitch to the curb.

Travis, perhaps the spell checker will help you, it has drop down suggestions to help you select the proper word and spelling.

On a side note: Guyana has a pretty high literacy rate, 98.8%, but they include anyone that has attended school as literate.…ok/geos/gy.html

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Readin, Ur, Gurl, Wid, kno and laff

I’m sure you don’t learn those words in any school. If your unsure of spelling all you have to do is copy and paste it into google, it should come up with a suggestion if it’s spelt wrong

Hey come on guys back to the subject.

What a bitch, I hope she was being sarcastic.


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