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This can't be...

This can't be...

I just measured for the first time in two months. I have gained .5” BPEL since April 1! At first I thought I was seeing things. I must have measured twenty times! I have been doing PE for just over a year and have always been a very slow, hard gainer. I can hardly believe what has happened. I’m absolutely giddy! I wish I had taken some before photos last year to compare. Has anyone else experienced a growth explosion like this? Was this just a temporary blip?

I have been working really hard on length. One full hour of stretching every day, split into a morning and evening session. I also jelq at a low (40-50%) erection level and really tug at the end.

I told myself I wouldn’t, but I think I will measure again in a couple of days just to make sure I am not seeing some crazy anomaly here. God bless Thunder and all of the great members on this forum! You have changed my life!

So you got some ducats and a .5” newbie pop?

I’m off to see the collective, the wonderful collective of OZzr!

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These sudden increases in size can mostly be attributed to increased erection quality. That being said, I figure that it is very unlikely in your case since you stated you’ve been at this PE thing for approxamitely a year.

Congratulations on your gains, you sound like you’ve earned them!

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Thanks lib-tech. I have been going for 1 year and 1 month. I don’t consider myself hard-core, but I have tried to be very consistent. I have stuck to a routine, with minor tweaks here and there. The last two months I have put a lot more emphasis on the stretches and less on the jelqs, which appears to have paid off in the length department. I think I will stick with the heavy stretching for a couple more weeks and then take a week off to decondition and give the wanger a rest. Maybe after that week off would be a good time to measure again to see if the gains have stuck. Any thoughts?


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