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This can't be good

This can't be good

Hey guys

I stoped PEing like 2 weeks ago (will start again shortly; some things came up so I didn’t find time) and just today I checked my penis closely and there are these small white bubbles. I rub it and it came off. I’m shedding skin on the head of the penis. What the heck is going on. Does anyone have a similar problem? Could it be the body lotion I use for jelqing? How bad is it? I’m out of my mind here! HELP!!

May well be drying effect of your lotion - are you wet jelqing a lot? Maybe if you are particularly sensitive to drying products go for an oil of some sort..or Vaseline?

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Yeah but after 2 weeks?! I’ll try some oil (hoping for the best). Thanks!

Cyro… did you try a search or check the injuries forum?

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Hmm, very odd. Have you had sex recently?

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I may be out of line here,but it sounds like an STD to me.Better talk to your girlfriend.

One additional bonus to PE that I’ve found is that the skin down there feels really healthy and moisturized. I use Vaseline. (Well I guess for those of you who’ve always masturbated with lube probably knew this already…….I’ve always been a “dry wacker” :D )

If you think you were exposed to STD - get it checked out.

As for skin flaking - I get that. Just like skin elsewhere, you’ll have some dead skin that do come off. It should look same as DRY SKIN elsewhere in your body - anything else, get it checked out (bubble doesn’t sound good to me).

I used to have similar effects when using my IR-lamp. I guess it was caused by the heat drying the skin of the head.

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