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Thinking small (psychological barriers?)


“Mekka” was self-ironic. Mekkas are large factory-machines that u can see as robots to japanesse cartoons where act by doing some really super staff.

I also do not watch them but I remember them from tv and I don’t know computer games or staff like this.

Yes my hanger is a myself-made hanger.

No I do not think that is like a bib hanger. Actually it is simpler (it’s base mechanism is that of a bikini back lock). But honestly I think it is no good. I only bothered 1-2 weeks with it.

similar story to phat 9

well not THAT similar but i suppose one time when i was at that turgid stage :P

there was this girl who made a bet with me where if i won she had to show me her nipple (this was back in grade 9 so leave me alone :P) and for like 3 years i HASSLED her because she would not live up to the bet, she told me a few times she’d show it to me if i showed her my horn but at the time i was still self consious. so time passed and finally i was horny enough to tell her i’d show it to her, and at this point i had good control over myself where i could maintain the turgidity by adding or subtracting sexual thoughts here and there, so there i was sitting down and i could just FEEL that it was much thicker and longer than usual, but not full enough with blood that it would appear that i had an erection. so i stand up and whip it out and she looks at it and a smile falls across her face and she goes “and that’s your cock” a little nervously hehehe. and this is a girl who would seriously laugh at a guy if he had a small one. and i also took into consideration that girls are stupid and don’t really understand that in-between stage that guys have very well and wouldn’t be able to tell if i was completely soft or halfway there, so i took advantage of that fact. i was so proud of myself and had a huge confidence boost cuz i exposed myself, put my self-esteem on the line, and came out on top. and yes, i saw the nipple, and yes, it was fantastic :-D

and on a side note, i am definitely my thickest when not fully erect too. i think my cock is the best looking after PE when i stand up and go to the bathroom for a hot wrap and it’s red and the head is engorged and it’s just hanging there at its 4-5 inches or so, looks very nice.

thickness while flaccid

Maybe this is a separate thread, but, there seems to be an awful lot of concensus
that a flaccid, turgid cock gets a bit thicker than than a fully hard one.

I thought Dance and I were the only ones like that, but for Dance LOL it may not matter much
since he seems to be hard most of the time.

Just teasing Chicago boy.


<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Long and fat

When someone on this board says that “it was hanging long and fat” what does he mean exactly? In inches, I mean. Would my 7”x5” count as long and fat, or …?


This was a good post by Tom Hubbard I wish he would post more

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Originally Posted by phat9
My “biggest” moment was at a football stadium urinal this past year.

You know, one of those long L shaped basins where you just walk up unshielded and
pull it out and piss into the stainless steel basin. It was halftime and it was jam packed with about
50 men.

It was drizzling rain and we were way ahead and my jeans were slightly wet, and I dunno, was sort of “grabbing”
my Peter in a way that started a blood trickle. Not much, but steady all during the first quarter and the flow continued into
the second quarter of the game. I was not the LEAST bit horny in any way either. Nada. I felt some swelling in my jeans but what they hay.

The swelling stayed and just sustained itself.

Then I had to piss. BAD………….

Etc., so as not to re-quote the whole thing. But man, that whole post had me laughing out loud and feeling horribly embarrassed for you at the same time. Oooohh shit.


“terror At The Urinals!!!”

“man Brandishes 12-inch Battering Ram!”

“run, Run For Your Lives - Run To The Hills!!!

hmmm….was the “cap-killer” function running?


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