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Thinking of contributing?

Thinking of contributing?

When I think of the subject of contributing to this forum, I can’t help but think back years ago to my years in the Air force.

A buddy of mine and I went into the Air Force at the same time (no, it wasn’t that damned “buddy plan,” it just turned out that way) and ended up going through basic training together. As most of us know, shower time in basic training happens in a big stall with about 25 spigots, and whatever you got is hanging out for everyone to see. The first time in the showers was the first time I’d ever seen my buddy naked and I discovered something about him that he never even talked about - he was was pretty damned big. Later on in tech school, I’d learn that he was 6” x 5” hanging loose and he was obviously in “shower” territory.

Anyway, after basic training, we were roommates in tech school and ended up doing dozens of double teams on the other horny females in our school. I remember one chick was so infatuated with my bud’s unit that she measured it rock hard - 7.5” NBPEL by 6” girth as measured with a tape. No idea of BPEL, because he didn’t know enough - or really care - about measuring right. Not huge by the standards of the guys here on this forum, but for a natural grown country boy who’d never even heard of PE, that’s still damned good. And I guarantee you that this kid had never even heard of PE.

My point? Glad you asked. During my time in the Air Force, and for years afterward, I had a sort of ongoing fantasy about about how much I’d pay to be able to sport a unit like my buddy had. I never thought about what I’d *do* to have one, because I had no idea there was anything I could actually do to make my johnson bigger.

So, the game went on over the years and I continued to ask myself rhetorically how much I’d pay. Obviously, there’s no way it was going to really happen, so I was free to just think and daydream about it. I always came to the conclusion that if the opportunity were actually afforded me, many thousands of dollars weren’t out of my imaginary ballpark at all. And remember, I had 20 years to think about it.

I can’t stop thinking about the fact that the reality we have here today in the form of this forum, which we tend to take for granted thanks to the internet, was an incomprehensible, unimaginable fantasy for most all of us just a very short time ago. I just can’t stop thinking about that.


It's really worth it.

I want to encourage everyone to make a contribution here. I’ve made one, and I intend to make another one soon.

The information here is truly amazing. And so is the attitude of the community. Won’t you please give to the Thunder’s of your choice.

Continuing on with Bigplug’s theme, I had a pubic fat pad liposuction done in 1994. I paid $2500 - $3000 to gain 3/4” to 1”. I think it was a bargain, and I’d take out a second mortgage on my house right now if I could buy another 2 or 3” at $3000 per inch (but not through the ligament surgery).

I didn’t tell a couple of my close friends about the surgery, but I did several times strike up conversations with them about how much would they pay for extra penis length. At the time I did not know about PE. The general consensus was they would pay between $5000 - $8000 per extra inch of penis. I’ve not told my friends about PE yet. I figure once I’ve gained 1 - 1.5” then I will tell them about it, although I think that neither of them will actually do it.

This site will help make PE a reality for me, and for so many of you who are reading this post. Please make a contribution if you can. If you think about how little people get in a $30 - $50 commercial PE program and compare it to what you get here, then you can see what a bargain you are getting here.

I think it would also be fun in this thread to answer the following questions about how much is penis length worth to you.

For the purposes of these questions please answer as though you could never do PE again. Please answer these questions using either dollars, or if you prefer, hours of labor, since not everyone would have much disposable income.

Assume that there is a penis store where you could buy inches, or sell some of the inches you already have. Assume in the case of both questions that the change in penis length would take place through some pill that you would take, and would not require surgery.

1) How many inches (of length or girth) would you buy, and what is the most you would pay per extra inch of penis length?

2) How many inches of penis would you sell and how much would you have to be paid to give up length.

For me.

1) Buy two inches of length for $20,000 per inch. I would buy two inches of girth but I would only pay $1000 per inch for girth.

2) Sell one inch of length for $250,000.

Please click here to buy some discount inches.

It would be cool if I was rich, had been thinking that I could spend $5000 on PE and then find Thunder’s and donate the lot.

I’m proud to have donated, and I will again. Every gain will result in another donation. By the end of my career I expect to have paid for a rather nice server and some more bandwidth :)

I’m a student, but I can sometimes think, I’ll spend £10 less on booze, and give $20 to Thunder’s tonight.

Because with a bigger unit I won’t drink quite as much, so I don’t feel insecure.

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