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Thinking about telling my gf about PE


Thinking about telling my gf about PE

The privacy issues are making it difficult for me to do my PE routine and for some strange reason, I’m kind of drawn towards her knowing about it. However, I’m not exactly sure how she would respond. What do some of you out there think?

Have to know more about her personality.

edit, is she liberal about sex generally etc?

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

How does she feel about any porn that you might own? That’s my personal barometer..:p

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How long have you two been together? Are you practically married?

More importantly, how open-minded is she to sex in general? The porn barometer is a good one.

Also, have you gained? If you haven’t gained, you may want to hold off since it’ll minimize the “you’re nuts” factor.

Risky move. Once she knows and she is not okay with, she will check up on you.

Make sure you stress that you are doing this for “you” and not for her or anybody else. Yes, I’m saying you should lie. :)

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

-Honey, I gotta tell you something. I`m practicing something called PE, I stretch it with my hand and jelq it.

-Oh darling… why?? You don’t need anything like that! I think you could hurt yourself! I don’t really need 7 inches bone pressed flaccid length, and 6 inches base girth…

Ive told every women Ive had after a reasonable amount of time…

I dont have anything to hide about myself from anyone and just speak frankly about it.

Being proud of my PE accompolishments helps to do that.

I think as long as you frame this delicate issue in a way that justifies it logically then she should be accepting of it.

Women dont generally know that PE works and many would jump at the chance to have their man a little longer or thicker;

Though skepticism keeps them thinking that their man is some kind of freak and has become deluded.

In reality its no different than going to the gym to get bigger pecs or arms; Women get bigger boobs and

Zane has taught us that women can get tighter vaginas.

Any improvement one can make to their body should be a welcome improvement…Dont you think?

So frame your attempt to tell her from that perspective and you should have no problem.

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Funnily enough I told my ex. But the other day, so I told her when she was/is my ex. For some reason that was easier than telling her when we were going out. She said “but why would you want to, yours is massive already?”

Oh if only she knew…

EDIT: To answer your question. If she is open minded and not easily freaked out, and you trust her… Then tell her if you think it will help you. If it’s not going to help you in any way, and/or if you think that she will freak, don’t.

So she broke off with you cause of that ??

haha, no we broke it off mutually about 3 months ago, we are still friends, even though it’s difficult because she wants me back.. Anyway, less derailing of the thread! Haha.

I told my wife about a month ago I think it was. I started PE this January. I have taken pictures every month. When I told her, the first thing I did was show her the pictures illustrating the undeniable growth. After that, she was genuinely interested in it. I did not want to tell her until I had some solid gains that would prove that it works. I was just afraid that she would tell me it was ridiculous and some kind of scam. However, that is her. Your girlfriend may be different.

My ex knew it, my present knows it. I don’t blabber on about it.

Originally Posted by drilla9

How does she feel about any porn that you might own? That’s my personal barometer..:p

Good call.

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I have told my wife about PE about a year and a half ago,and she was was upset at first, but after awhile she got to like what she was feeling inside of her. So she don’t have a problem with me PEing anymore.

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