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Thinking about telling my gf about PE


I told my mother, she said I don’t think you should talk to those men over on TP. So I lied, I told her it was a christian institution designed to help right wingers how to deal with ED.

Then I told my cat Whoredog, she said meow!

When I do finally get a girlfriend I probably will tell her.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Check out what happened o his guy for telling…

Does it matter if others know

One of my first posts..

My gf runs her mouth off to her friends when she is drunk. Today I said something like, make sure you never tell anyone about PE, that would be really embarrassing. Well by the response I got it was pretty obvious that the horse had already bolted. I was furious, I really let her have it and to her credit she put up with my tirade. However thinking about it, does it really matter if other people know, people who know that I shove it up her ass etc, not my boss or my priest. I mean is it embarrassing to me in that context? The topic apparently came up when they were discussing sex and pain, my gf mentioned that she doesn’t understand my obsession with penis size, as was her friend and her current squeeze, my gf thinks I am perfectly adequate and sometimes uncomfortable if the buildup isn’t right (7.5” NBPEL x 5.5” EG midshaft, 6.5” base). If I hadn’t found Thunders I would have died pretty happy and contended, as you do in this life with your lot, but I just want 8.5 x 6.5, nothing to do with my gf or anyone else for that matter, it would just feel right.

But is it any worse than going to the gym or jogging? These hobbies are pretty much narcissism, though the health benefits are an obvious advantage most people do it to attract the people they want to for sex. So why should I be embarrassed, what are other people’s experiences of revealing the truth. Initially I found it hard to tell the gf, did/have you?

Hey Wad,

Although I started off feeling bad about it, I would say at the end there is not a problem telling someone or in fact if it gets out, who cares what people know about you. I mean are all crazy anyway so why hide it :) No like I am hurting anyone, well not directly;)


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