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Thinking about registering?


Thinking about registering?

If you are going to join the forum, here are a few pointers that will save you time.

1. You must have a valid, fully functional email account to complete the registration, with the exception of, which is the only email system that we do not accept at Thunders Place. If you use a bogus account or one that has a full mailbox, you are just wasting your time.

Also, if you register but don’t receive the registration email, check your spam folder/blocker. The registration email contains activation links and many email providers file the email as spam because it contains links. Some people may have internet providers that block site access because of the adult content.

2. All uncompleted registrations are declined after five days.

3. No user names containing boy, child, girl, kid, etc. are allowed.

4, Script kiddie user names, like sk3l3t0r, will be manually declined by me.

If you have an old account and can not remember the password, use the “forgot password” link that shows up when you have entered the wrong password. This only works if you still have the same email address as the forum software sends an email to the last address in your profile.

If you change your email address in your profile, the forum software forces a verification by sending an email to your new address. If your new address is bogus, guess what, you are out in the cold.

We don’t share the email addresses of our members with anyone, for any reason, so there is no need to worry about being added to some spam email list.

If you have a problem and need assistance, click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom right of the Main page.

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They should make a game called “The Legend of Thunder’s Place” for the NES.

Any possible way of a name change?

I will always be LoveMachine, I just like to stick to my what I began from the beginning till the end… :)

lol, forgot to put the word “name” in there… but I think you get it. my posts can be deep (but true) sometimes dude, I’ll write my crazy progress report at the end of this year… : - )!

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Because you are good at posting the same idea right after other people’s posts. Like an echo, get it? :)

I think I would curl up and die if someone said that to me!

Oh Dear! I bet Rue is sharpening his needles right now!

Will this post have the worlds record replies 40,000?


Don't be a lurker left out in the cold. :lurk: Join the happy band of donors!

Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

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