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Thinking about joining Thunder's...

Thinking about joining Thunder's...

If you are thinking about registering on this forum, don’t waste your time by using a bogus email account. ALL email addresses used to register are sent an address validation email that must be used to continue the registration process.

If you use an email address that does not work, you will not get any further in the registration process. In fact, you will see that your access to the forums is actually reduced to the “New Member Instructions” forum when you attempt to log in.

Also, make sure that your email provider does not block the address validation email as spam.

Thunder's Place does not sell or give away email addresses.

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And with the ease of coming up with a ‘anonymous’ addy on yahoo etc…


I am just wondering, why are you not allowed to use hotmail addresses?


Great topic, guys. :thumbs:

It’s always good to see Thunder engaging in a conversation. Haven’t heard from that MoFo for ages :D

But I have to agree with him, though. Don’t start your membership here with a lie. Your self-esteem is already in the toilet, otherwise you wouldn’t be lurking around, using false e-mail.

Good news, though…

We can help…..! :lisa2:

But it starts with honesty, fellas. O:-)

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

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