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think about this now....


think about this now....

I want to tell some of you that in your head you think you have to have an 8”+ penis to satisfy a girl. I’d go as for as saying a good majority of girls can’t have more than 7 good inches rammed into them. Now if your just making love and taking things really slow and easy than that extra inch probalby wouldn’t hurt a thing, but chances are you won’t be in a position that allows for that inch to go in. But it’s been my experience that once you’re over 7” your pool of girls that could ram every bit of you when you are in that crazy jungle, monkey sex mood that we all get in to, gets signifagantly smaller.

I once thought it would be the “coolest” thing if I couldn’t hammer my girlfreind due to my endowment. Well the one I’m with now and most probably am going to marry, couldn’t take one single jolt from me. And it was very NOT cool, you all know what I’m talking about when you just wanna pull the hair, dig in, hold on, and knock pictures off the wall……never have gotten to do that with her, the one time we agreed to try I got punched in the chest and kicked in the stomach on my way out of there. After that we had to tend to her wound. She literally had a tear at the bottom of the vagina opening. Not only was it scary, but how do you explain that one to the parents??

I then decided to not belive this girl when she told me if i got any bigger that we wouldn’t even be able to “make love” or have sex for those of you not in love. Now that I’ve gained in both the lenght and girth catorgories, she refuses to even let me put it in her, much less any kind of motion after a recent attempt at sex, which pitted her on top, at first, unable to slide up and down becuase to her it felt like she was gonna “pop” aka tear it again. And trust me when I say lube is not the problem, that was well taken care of.

Guys this is not the way things are supposed to be, if you are with a girl that you “fill up” and she tells you so, belive her, and be happy and CONTENT. I was not. I had this complex that I had to hear the words “hung” come out of people’s mouth when I dropped my pants. And now, I wouldn’t go as far as to say I regret growing alittle bigger, but what’s the point if I can’t even use it for what I intended it to grow for??

Don’t try to get so big that you can hit the bottom of that 14” deep whore in your town. Leave her alone, find you a nice average depth girl and be content. Chances are most of us aren’t going to marry the town whore that can be double fisted up to the elbow! No offense if someone does though…As DLD has proved most of what you see on porno is blown WAY out of proportion. Websites pic are obviously edited way beyong resonable sizes. I’d like to thank him right now for opening up my eyes. I, like most of us here was shooting for an unattainable, un real size. Those guys are NOT that big. Like his in depth post showed, he was hard pressed to find anyone ligitamately over 10”. That made me realize I had been shown and brainwashed by a lie that our soceity put in my head. That 14 and even 18” penis’s were normal and common. I always wondered why on one shot of the porn this guy looked monstorous and on others I felt no more insecurites…..guys, don’t feel insecure! And belive me most girls have no clue as to what size you are. I send a girl the pics that I have posted in the members pics section on this site and she insisted I must be 9.5”…..that just tells me that most guys are giving themselves another inch to 2 inches when they tell girls their measurment. (btw, the first two pics are really large, I will try to resize the first one and post it at the bottom of my 2nd two pics.)

I just thought I’d shair my story and view on this matter now…..learn from my greed and ignorance.

Good post, tigerbass. Personally, I’m only looking to gain 1-1/2 inches, tops. I’m currently 5.5bpe/5 girth. My wife has never complained about my size. When we first met, she had mentioned that she was with someone at one time that just didn’t fit, and it was very painful even trying to get it in. My wife also does kegel excercises herself.

I think one thing we have to remember about the vagina is that it will natually ‘grab’ onto anything placed inside of it, and if the woman does do exercises, the grab will be even stronger.

As far as length, I’ve read that hitting the cervix could be akin to a man getting hit in the balls. I’m sure there are woman out there that enjoy that, but they’re probably in the minority.

It would really suck to spend all this time and effort to get, say, an 8” penis, and the only thing you can do with it is stand in front of a mirror and stare at it.

Sex is 95% mental, the other 5%, friction.

I definitely keep this in mind when setting my PE goals. I want another inch in length, but only if my wife can take that much comfortably.

I suspect having 7+ would be too much for many women, but I’m not planning to find any.

I think that 7.5” bp would be optimum size for most females that never had children. I would say 8-8.5 bp for mpst women that have had children. I’m just short of 7.75 bp and there are times when I’m just right and there are times when I could use an extra inch. I think that it depends on the woman. I do agree that you should take into account on what gf tells you, but not necessarily take it as gospel, but ignoring complaints accompanied by injuries is obviously not a good idea. analyze carefully what is going on before deciding that you should give it up for good or whether to continue. There was a point when I got to 7.5 that I thought I was done for good. stopped for a time reevaluated and later queried the wife and found out she wouldn’t mind another inch in lenght so I restarted my quest.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Originally posted by luvdadus
I think that it depends on the woman.

good point. From my experience, and though it doesn’t always hold true, the bigger the woman, the bigger the cavern. I am not trying to make a sweeping generalization, just speaking from my own experiences. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and yes, there are some 5’0, 90lb women who could handle 8-9”, but they are not the rule imho.

“My wife has never complained about my size. When we first met, she had mentioned that she was with someone at one time that just didn't fit, and it was very painful even trying to get it in.”

Ugh. That comment would’ve totally broke my heart. Good for you that you can look at that comment as something positive. If a woman had said something like that to me, it would totally knock the wind out of my sails… to the point where I wouldn’t even wanna fuck her anymore.

But anyway, what about women? I thought we were doing PE for ourselves? The way I see it, it’s better to have size and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

My wife has had three children. When we first met, my 5.5 incher was just fine. After our third child, I noticed that I couldn’t reach anywhere near the bottom and seldom felt the sides. I never looked at this as a negative on her part, but rather as a natural result of multiple child births.

After a while, I began to feel inadequate about my size. I knew that a bigger guy could fill her up. Now, I am that bigger guy. I think that she could take 9 inches with no problems. I’ll know for sure after I gain the next 3/4 inch.

All of you should realize that the size of the vagina in a young woman is not a permanent condition. You may find out later on that the size that you and she were comfortable with is now not ideal. I see this as one of the natural ironies in life with another being the fact that men and women hit their sexual peaks about 15 years apart (maybe young guys should be screwing the older women and the older guys should be screwing the young women). In any case, the moral of this story is “be prepared for change”.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Copy jelktoid’s post and add my name… :)

I will have to be hung like a horse to get my wife to scream “UNCLE!” I’m pretty confident she can do 9.5” by 6.25”, and it would be ideal for her. Big enough to massage her cul-de-sac all the time with enough girth to stretch her a bit. I’m now 8.5” x 5.5”, started at 5”x4”. I too blame child birth and the fact that she does no kegels.

Remember, people fit together differently. Just because you have 8”, doesn’t mean you will be able to effectively utilize it all and run out of vagina.

But I wholeheartedly agree with the spirit of the thread. When she says enough, you’re there… Bask in the glory :)

Nice post Tigerbass. The last 2 women I’ve been with I have had “problems” that I never had when i was 7”. (I’m now 8” BP). The last one seemed to be able to handle me and we went pretty crazy in missionary. Then we switched to doggy, i gave a couple test jabs and it seemd OK so I pounded away only to feel like a hammer hit me right on the head. I must have slammed into her cervix or bottom, either way I was in pain. She, however, loved it and wanted me to do it again!

I now am working on girth. :)

I’ve been in Tigerbass’s situation too. I too, tore my wife’s lower vagina opening during lovemaking. We were doing it long and slow but unlike Tigerbass, I was only 4”EL at the time! It was due to my girth! This was after 3 months of PEing.

My wife had said when I had entered, “You’re spreading me wide!” (something she’s never told me before) Even though I was gentle and kept it slow I still tore her. That’s something I never want to do again!

I read Tigerbass’s post and then had a long talk with my wife. She knows that I’m doing this for my own selfesseem and that I thought it would be more pleasurable to her. She told me that she’s more than satisfied with our lovemaking.

I have some more thinking to do, I would still like to make 5” maybe a 6” but her safety is my main concern.

Nothing wrong with having a few inches that wont fit ;)

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

I agree with DLD.

However, I was already in the department of having a little more length than was useable. So, a little more unuseable length wouldn’t phase me.

That is why I am soleley working on girth.
Even though she did tell me the other day that I fill her up, I want her to scream it, not just quietly utter it in her little girl voice. :)

The point that everyone is different, however, is so true;

My girl is petite and childless, yet can take about 9” without too much discomfort when highly aroused. Sometimes in her shallow times (around period etc) she cant take more than 6 or 7, but that doesnt mean I dont want the extra size for the times when it makes her groan ;)

It is looking like I may have to resume PE later in life if we ever have kids, to get back up to optimum size.

Bigger is better - it’s been proven time and time again.
…to what extent is the question.

Originally posted by secjay
My girl is petite and childless, yet can take about 9” without too much discomfort when highly aroused. Sometimes in her shallow times (around period etc) she cant take more than 6 or 7, but that doesnt mean I dont want the extra size for the times when it makes her groan ;)

This gave me a boner…THANKS

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

:chuckle: :
LoL me too….. and now to post some pics…

oh wait, thats not allowed on this forum, right?



extra length

For length,the donuts (maybe 3/4”thick) for the pumps can always be used to assure the little lady that she won’t be harmed, and can be removed one at a time as desired. Makes no difference if your talking about a 7 incher in a 6 in bottom, or 12 in a niner. The only problem is too many donuts may give you the feeling of being to distant from her if its lovin’ vs lustin’ you’re interested in.

For girth, if neither slow and smelly sex won’t work, nor the manmade and natural lube won’t work, you’re basically out of luck. And if the southern lips can’t help ya out, it’s doubtful there would be any relieve up north.


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