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thin skin

thin skin

I have a patch of what I think is thiner skin (it looks all wrinkly when flacid) at the base of my shaft where it meets the scrotum as well as some thinner skin going up the bottom length of the shaft. Should I be worried about this? Does anyone else have this?

It isn’t noticible when I am erect, but I am worried that it might thin out more…


Best I can say is take it day by day. PE at a moderate rate and continuously check the progression of these thin skin areas as your dick becomes larger. If it becomes too unpleasing ascetically, or at the first sign of pain, stop and re-evaluate. I wish I could offer more, but I haven’t had experience with this myself. Be sure to keep everyone updated on your progress.

Oh yeah, check out this thread on Strivectin. It’s a new product that supposedly gets rid of stretch marks. I’m not sure how it might work with your situation (and I’m not particularly recommending it at the moment), but it’s something to consider nonetheless.

I am still having problems with this thin skin thing… maybe if I explain better someone might know what I’m talking about. Its like there is a red strip going from the head to the scrotum along the bottom of the shaft. The red strip gets thicker at the bottom where I have a little more girth. When flacid, it has a strange texture and the upper part of the red bit has a very very small ridge running down the center. The bottom of the red strip, when flacid, looks like skin that has been stretch out and then let loose again, so kinda wrinkly. Around the area there are a little cysts… I don’t know from where though. I have been cleaning them with antibacterial soap and putting tea tree oil on them in hopes of them going away. When pull the skin in that area up with my fingers the skin feels much thinner than when I do the same to other areas on the shaft. I think the whole problem is a result of over training. The routine I am using right now consists of 100 dry jelks during the week days and the weekends off.


Don’t be too concerned about it. We all have it in some measure or another. You will see the ridge goes right down to the base and under the scrotum. It is where the two joined. The white spots are normal some people have them others don’t. Apart from surgery there is nothing you can do about them I’ve had them all my life round the scrotum mainly.

Your thin skin is just another twist in the make-upo of these things. If you find it starts to tear then do’t dry jelp as that will only put further pressure on the skin. Use a lubricant when Jelqing

I have the same red line. It gets much wider at the base of the penis & on the scrotum. I used to think it was a birthmark until I read here (somewhere) that it’s caused by the in utero development of our genitalia. I forget the name for it, perhaps someone with a better memory will speak up.

No cysts, though.


is the skin where the red line is thinner than where is isn’t?

Well, I never noticed it before, but I think it is, a little. Barely noticably.

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