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Thin Base


Thin Base

My erection width is thinnest on the first third of the shaft. Besides hanging is there a way to widen it so it’s the same as the rest of the shaft? I think by only using jelqing I will make the middle third thicker, making the width noticeably uneven.



You can use pan squeezes and bends exclusively at the base. Or you can use a lower shaft Uli/Horse. Get semi erect, tie a shoe lace, rope or cable at the very base, tight enough to stop blood escaping and then using your hand to form a ring around the middle of your shaft, or slightly lower and performing a squeeze. This will build the pressure particularly in your lower shaft between the tie off and your hand.

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Hey Biffy,
I know you’re not looking for hanging feedback, but I’ll reinforce what you said by sharing that I have done absolutely no girth work for months and my base has thickened considerably from hanging (mostly at lower angles).
And I don’t suffer from the “tree root” look. Just a nice expansion of the lower 1/3 of the shaft - exactly what you’re concerned about.
I’m convinced that it’s the lower angles that have helped this along.


My base became thicker just by manually stretching. Problem is, now it’s thicker than the rest of my cock, so I don’t care if using an Uli thing or jelqing cause growth everywhere but the very base, as it will help me even out my dick girth in the right places.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Hi Cap and Gottagrow,

When stretching, how much force should I pull with? After 15-30 seconds my glans deflate and my grip slips if I pull as hard as my grop allows.

If I pull down, does that mean my erection angle will drop? I think having a high angle may be advantageous.

At the moment i think erect bends may suit my penis the best, but I’m not aware yet of anyone having success with them. I can see difficulties using ulis and pan squeezes on the base of my penis because of the high angle, curve, and the highish position of my scrotum.



I have gotten great base girth from hanging.

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>At the moment i think erect bends may suit my penis the best,<

If you are not sure what force to manual stretch with then be assured that erect bends would be a very bad idea.


Biffy, SS4Jelq is right. Bends have the potential to help you but I didn’t mean you should try doing them now. You need to understand how to apply pressures on your dick first and if you can’t figure out the basics yet, the advanced techniques will probably lead you into injury.

You mentioned that your grip slips when stretching. Are you just using your hand? It sounds like it. Try using some theraband to grip onto your dick, it makes all the difference. It’s less tiring aswel.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Erect bends should not be a part of your routine because you haven’t exhausted your other options, such as uli devices, hanging/stretching etc. I would have to say erect bends are the most dangerous PE exercise, the gains don’t out weigh the risks.

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OK, erect bends = no do

Gottagrow, my grip only slips when the glans become soft after 15-30 seconds.


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Have you tried a light dusting of talc on your grip hand?

Another way to prevent slippage is to wear a latex glove. The thinner the glove the better - this way you’re still ‘in touch’ with the strength of your grip/stretch.

I have no problem with having enough friction. It’s the glans that shrink after 15-30 seconds of pulling. BTW, I pull with the foreskin partially over the glans, otherwise it will hurt way too much.

It looks as though pan squeezes are good for me to do, but I don’t know how exactly to make them work. Should I be fully erect, or about 70% erect? Where can I find the instructions for pan squeezes?



Oh, it seems I have to clamp the base with something. I tried a piece of string but my scrotum stops me from pulling it tight right to the bottom.

What do you think if I simply kegeled, then jelqed over the 1st quarter of the shaft? That seems to work it a little, but I can’t quite feel the pressure at the very start of each jelq.


Biffy, use the search button to look at pan squeeze posts. They are for girth not length. You want both so you will have to get your stretching right. I have a forskin which causes my grip to slip forwards, so I make sure I stretch my dick out by lightly pulling on the head with one hand and then grip as far back as I possibly can with the other hand, taking some of the fat pad skin into the grip. Then I pull with that hand and lay my first hand over my second to increase the force. Try this.

Also, you should check your LOT because you might have failed to gain so far because of working the ligs when you should have been working hard on the tunica instead.

I think you should set your mind on getting stretching to work for you. It is the key to gaining more than 1 inch in length, and I know you want more than 1 extra inch in your case. For girth plus a little length, you should get very intense with jelqing. Your dick should feel very worked with an ache after your jelqing. If you aren’t causing it to become swollen, hanging lower and much fuller for 1-3 hours after the session, then you know you aren’t being intense enough.

Pan squeezes should be additional at first, not the main exercise.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

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