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I am only 18 and still live at home. I want to get theraband but I can’t order it online and have it sent to my home becuse my mom is retired and she whould get it first. (and this could cause problems) Is there anyplace locally where I can buy theraband? Thanks a ton!

The way its sold on the Bib site it comes in quite a nice rectangle, if your mom opened it I doubt she would be able to guess the purpose, could quite easily pass for something you might wrap an arm in for swelling.

Other than this (probably useless) suggestion I can’t help sorry.

Your mom shouldn´t open your mail, she should respect your privacy. But even if she do open it she couldn´t possibly guess it´s purpose, like memento pointed out.


Find a place locally that does physical therapy, they sell theraband in all different colors at about 1/3 the $$.

"If you build it, they will come".


Call around to stores that sell supplies for physical therapy patients or home health care or medical supply stores. If they don’t know what your asking for calling it Thera-band ask for exercise bands. You’ll find them locally with little effort.

hopetofillerup (starting to!)

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