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Theraband P?

Theraband P?

I’ve seen a couple of versions of this and one is a velcro based wrist strap and the other is basically a wrap of a long piece of rubber that is used for exercise’s and such like.

Anyone know which is the recommended option? Is the rubber one recommended for maxing resting length with a wrap?

Anyone know a good source in the uk?

Thanks all.


anyone got a view on this?


Hmmm…I have heard that the velcro type ace bandages are a pain to put on, I have heard a lot of people comment about Theraband, but my experience is I HATE THERABAND, I prefer ACE bandages, they are soft, and keep the penis in an erected state without pinching or digging into the glans, plus it doesn’t ‘stick’ to the skin, so people to avoid this wrap first with some cloth material, then theraband, forget that, just use ace bandages….

my 2 cents

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