Thera:P - DIY for comfort.

I realise there are several very good threads on the Therawrap and its effects, when used for constriction or for the magnetic effect on circulation and I could certainly have posted the following in any of them. However, I couldn’t quite decide where it best to post this experiment so in the end I have taken the liberty of starting a new thread.

As others have said before, it can be uncomfortable to wear and for me the discomfort came mainly from the velcro hooks, as they made contact with the skin, no matter how careful I was, particularly when the strap became thinner over time, while the ends did not.

I remembered seeing a broader version, for use on the neck and I thought it might be possible to attach one of these instead of, or in combination with the two wrist versions I used already - one behind the scrotum and one on the base of the shaft, this being the most comfortable arrangement I had found since the wrap came to my attention, several months ago.

As luck would have it, the only place which sells them here was out of stock with the neck version, but they had everything else, including one for the elbow. They are not too expensive, so I thought it may be possible to wrap with this and if necessary, desirable, or beneficial, wrap the others over the top. It was very comfortable indeed as I hoped it would, but there is no way you could possible go out in public, unless as an elephant, if you know what I mean. Besides, it would not be possible to use for the purposes of constriction, as desired by most of the users in the forum.

Then I got to thinking perhaps I could cut it down in some way, to make it less bulky, and taking the bull by the horns and hoping it would not disintegrate, this is what I did.

There is an interesting hole in the middle for the bone of the elbow and around this is where the magnets are to be found. I cut everything off about 1 cm from the stitching following its line and as the back and the front as firmly stuck together, it remained in one piece. To wrap, it is fairly easy to pull the balls through the hole, which is surprisingly comfortable and then wrap the two wrist ones as before, at whatever tension is desired, to hold it securely. The velcro is now only in contact with the long sides of the one beneath and for the first time I forget they are on at all. I’m not sure if the total of 24 magnets is going to make me polearic or not, but there is warmth and a pleasant tingle, of that I am sure.

I hope this explains what I have done, and equally I hope I don’t appear to have a peculiar fetish for magnets, but having just read about the discomfort of some of the users, I have risked the embarrassment of posting, in the hope it is helpful and useful.

I am actually beginning to think that the manufacturers of the velcro wrap are on to us, I mean the hole is so convenient and so considerate, you would nearly think it was designed for this.

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