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Theory on girth vs length


The part that got me was his example of the flacit morning erection. I have noticed when I get one of those erections, my girth does appears larger than usually compared to when I have my a full erection or when I’m at full lenght.

It does seem strange though. Are fat people shorter than a skinnier version of themselves? Hey, ask someone that got silicone injections if they lost length or try that bee stings one for girth.

Someone should measure their morning erections and compared to the manual erections and see.

I see a thread in the similar threads section, title “lost girth, gain lenght”, maybe opposite is true?

IF the exercise is PRIMARILY effecting girth, WITHOUT enough total volumn expansion, you will either see no length gains, or loss of's just the math of it.

Yeah, that theory looked good on paper, but then I wiped my ass with it. Sorry dude. That way of thinking might be correct for other things, but when it comes to PE, it doesn’t apply. That theory is absolutely untrue.


Penismith and I had a few PM’s over the last week about something similar which questioned why girth is better at less than full erection. Hopefully Penismith will chime in on this one, but the current working theory goes something like this:

Girth limited by radial tunica, Length limited by longitudinal tunica. When penis is partially erect the girth can express itself to the fullest without constraint. When fully erect, the longitudinal tunica will be fully stretched (i.e the straightest point possible between start and end points where it is attached).

Since the longitudinal layer of the tunica is on the outside, and radial layer inside, a fully stretched length will act as a constraint to the girth.

That means girth exercises alone won’t provide the best functional girth. Girth exercises done in combination with length exercises will not only preserve/lengthen the penis, but also allow the girth to express better.

Well, that’s the abridged version anyhow.

Originally Posted by Shiver
Penismith and I had a few PM’s over the last week about something similar which questioned why girth is better at less than full erection….

I’ve never experienced that. Is it common???
My girth is always best at a full, blistering erection.

That might be something worth exploring then. Comparing peoples girth vs length gains, and comparing that to (subjectively) how tough their tissues are.

My girth is probably 1/8” better at partial than full. Probably 80% of my entire PE career has been focussed on length since I’ve always percieved girth easier to do, and length quite hard to come by. That said, most of my PE career has been rest rather than traumatic exercise, so I wouldn’t consider my tissues to be ‘conditioned’ as people like to call it :)

I have read that the circumferential fibers are cross-linked to the logitudinal fibers. If those links are relatively strong it would seem reasonable that you must work girth and length together or interchangeably in order to gain either.

Time-wise, I work 90% length (hanging and manual stretching) and 10% girth (pump and clamp). My experience has been that I am gaining both length and girth. I have shrugged off my girth gains, almost despising them because of the length before girth argument. However after reading this thread I am wondering if a more balance workout approach would yield quicker length and girth gains. Since my girth work consists of pumping and watching porn, it would actually be less “work”. One consideration however is that the fluid retention from pumping may negatively affect the Bib hanging attachment. I plan to shift to a 60% length and 40% girth accompanied by closer girth measurements and see if anything different happens.

Originally Posted by Redwood1981

I’ve made girth gains and I’ve never lost length. I also lost some uncemented girth and never gained length.

Originally Posted by Bigger72

I see a thread in the similar threads section, title “lost girth, gain lenght”, maybe opposite is true?

Actually I am going to have to amend my previous statement, when I first started hanging, I gained 1/4”EL in the first week, at which time I lost 1/4”EG.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

That would work IF the penis was a deformable latex balloon but it is a multichambered organ attached by tendons.

Length gains will be a product of shaft deformation and re-healing but also of tendon stretching. The link between short term length vs girth may hold true (for a few minutes perhaps) but the overall relationship is limited by the ability of the penis to “deform” when manipulated.

Did this make sense to anyone?

I think the theory has some truth in it but it is wrong as it is.

I have experienced some periods when I lost some lenght while gaining girth, so..

The thing is that, as the theory is stated, it is impossible to gain volume while gaining only girth, and the volume gains that one experiences are from hidden gains in lenght. Well it just doesn’t sound right, but I think it is partially right at some given proportion

Im sorry, but if you guys just look at drilla’s stats he proves this theory wrong. All he has gained is girth. 1.1”

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