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The Uli techniques

The Uli techniques

I have seen Uli # mentioned several times. Is there a link here to what that is?
I like to know more about what that is.



Use the search button and type Uli. About 5 pages will appear. Scan the posts until you see technique and read.

Step #3 revisited

I am not very clear on step #3.

Uli says
” In Step #3, I don’t use a milking motion. With a 3/4 erection, no
more (for safety sake, perhaps!), slide your overhand OK sign fingers firmly
up the shaft, engorging the meatus and at least half the shaft. Hold that
position, trapping the blood, and pump you hand forward to further engorge the
head and shaft. Each pumping stroke is about 1 second, during which the
engorged section will very visably increase in size.”

I understand everything until “at least half the shaft”. I think he is saying to use your OK sign to
engorge the penis to where it is fully engorged at half shaft and then hold the pressure?
Then he says “Each pumping stroke is about 1 second”. Is he saying the process is repeated or
something else like once at half shaft you will push forward towards the head and then hold again?

I realize my misunderstanding may seem dumb but sometimes its hard to visualize what others
are trying to say.

His results certainly sound encouraging, I like to give his technique a whirl.



Hey Manzwa,

Don’t feel like you are the only one that has trouble interpreting Uli’s post. Twenty different guys will give you twenty different interpretations, more than likely. I have had pretty good luck with the Sadsak head exercise myself. It is in the PE Archive also. And it is a little easier to understand.

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Guess the fella is not around anymore to get clarification eh.
Go figure, well, thanks abunch.

Forum has done very well Thunder.



No doubt, I had the same conceptualization problems while reading the Uli info. There’s no section I’ve reread more than that. And it’s frustrating for a newbie.

Anyhow, the one thing is that you’ll probably end up trying different variations of the exercise and find something that works for you. The idea is intense pressure build-up on a gradual scale.



Here’s how I understand “step 3” for the uli excerise.

Using an overhand grip( palm down) grap your dick at the base then tighten your grip using your thumb and forefinger. Then slowly slide your hand up the shaft to the aproximate mid point. Then using primarily your ring finger(while still maintaning your original grip)squeeze down just behind your head for a count of five.This will cause the entire portion of the shaft from the mid point up to ballon up nice. That is what I’d call one rep. I will NOT release my grip at aproximately mid shaft using my thumb and fore finger then crank off as many reps as I’m in the mood for using my ring finger and the count of five. Slowly applying pressure and releasing.

Simple right.

Just remember use common sense with the pressure.

Of late I have been combining these with the horse squeezes to really inflate my girth.

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Am I right in saying that, all good head exercises involve a stationary hand ‘clamping’ the base of the penis whilst a moving hand gradually forces blood toward the head?

It seems this is the basic idea behind it and from there you can make your own variations.

- How much time in total would you recommend spending on these head exercises during a workout?

( From other posts, it seems these techniques, when used successfully can really develop large snake heads rather quickly )

That is not at all much different from my interpretation. I will have to look into the horse squeeze you mentioned. Thanks for the input.



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