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The Turtle Effect.

The Turtle Effect.

I like many others suffer from the Turtle Effect.

MY dick just wants to hide out and stay warm. I have been thinking about this as i read quite a few old posts and theories. This is what i have come up with.

Over the past week, i have been hanging various styles and weights to see how my unit would react. Trial and error plus different routines has led me to believe that my Turtle Effect was being caused by what i would call a “contracted” state.

Whenever i would focus on my flaccid hang, i would notice that my unit was in “retraction” via my muscle control. I would always be contracting my muscles in a kegel type effect thus limiting the amount of flaccid dick to hang. always being “tight” was leading to my unit hiding inside. Every single time i did this, checked for muscle tightness, i was always pulling in.

So i started focusing on relaxation. After reading this thread regarding elasticity and stress relaxation i have found that my flaccid hang is greatly improved via the relaxation factor.

People have been getting gains and still seeing Turtle Effect, which led me to theorize that the Effect is indeed caused by constant muscle contraction. Being in this “retracted” state both physically and mentally, leads to smaller hang. I have also been incorporating this stress relaxation method to my hanging sessions and my Uli sessions and i believe it to be one of the most effective ways to enhance gains.

I want to hear from other “turtle” men and i would like to see if you experience the same thing. Are you in a retracted state via muscle control? Try to relax and see what happens. Maybe i am onto something?

Yes, I totally agree and I also find myself doing the contraction thing. I practice trying to totally relax when I stretch and especially when I jelq. I believe it really makes for a greatly improved jelq session. And while not exercising, the relaxation does improve flaccid hang. It definitely takes practice to “let it go” and fully release.

Now I wonder if all the guys with naturally great flaccid hangs are just real loose and easy going compared to us turtle types. Hmmmm…maybe hypnosis is in order?

Here’s a theory…

More girth would mean a better flaccid hang because there is more blood available to the head. Think of it this way. You could get more water through a pipe that was wider than one that was smaller. If this is true, the body does not need to pull the penis back in to keep it warm. In fact, their was a thread about flaccid hang vs. erect girth and their was over a 90% correlation between the two.

As far as contraction, I have no idea.

I think that contraction is the key issue here.

Using your theory of the bigger pipe, I suggest that flaccid hang physically is accomplished this way. Expanding the tissue and its correlating blood vessels. Yet if your routinely contracting your groin muscles then it does nothing, as the force of retraction is constantly there and the enlarged tissue is still susceptible to the contraction theory.

Mental thought on keeping this area tight or contracted i feel dictates more on physical state than actual physical improvement. The mind controls everything, it is the one thing that must be broken down. If you also feel that your somewhat inadequate in the penis department, the psychological aspects that affect the mind can also lead to physical retraction.

Small flaccid, small dick.

Leading back to the stress relaxation factor, if you are able to release the muscles to total relaxation, the growth potential should be increased. Today was the first day that i have felt fatigue. I did a light session of 5lb SD for 18m and then some manual stretches and some Ulis. I then concentrated on keeping my groin area and unit to total relaxation over the course of the day. I must say that about 2 hours ago, i started to feel the fatigue inside and have been able to maintain a constant 4-5 inch flaccid all day long. I was checking myself mentally on this flaccid/muscle theory about every 5 minutes and concentrating on keeping it relaxed.

This in turn can also lead to greater mental attributes such as increased confidence, positive response and theoretically, better growth potential.

Large flaccid, large dick.

Just a thought…

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