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The thought of mainstream PE...

LonerJ raises an excellent point that I had not considered.

I’m genearlly the type of person that doesn’t care if PE gets out among men (perhaps because I started above average), as only a small percentage of the popluation is likely to be consistant and big dicks will still be something of a rarity. The children issue, though may place unneeded pressure on the shoulders of young boys going through a confusing time. Perhaps it is better kept secret….


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Back into PE after 3 year pause

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

To add a little fuel to the fire, we had 47 new members apply yesterday. A normal day is around 20.

hmmm….that’s almost twice as many as normal. :)

I’d almost think that the day after valentines would be a big day for new members, all the men who wern’t able to give their wifes what they wanted, and looking for solutions the next day.

There may be many more advantages

The thought of PE going mainstream will be a legitimizer for many ladies who now just consider it weird. I don’t know about you, but when my wife hears it from someone else it is more believable. Besides, most guys are too lazy to work until they achieve results. I look forward to the day that the girls are collecting photos of the knarliest cranks on the net.

Holy freakin cow - 47 in one day!

I don’t think PE in the “Fight Club” Status is long for this world. I’m pretty new here and mind you I’m a readin like a demon and pulling my pud like the competition has already started! Penis size is the motherload this side of eternity. I think that almost every red blooded earth male with an average size penis would do at least as much as I’m doing to have a shot at the holy grail. I haven’t made any gains but I’m real excited by the messages that I’m ready here. If the world did find out that PE works ~ it would have a tremendous effect on society ~ good and bad. We honestly have to look at why we are all here. Is it just to please that special person in our life? Or are we trying to get a leg up on the rest of the beta males out there fighting over the affections of the Skinny Red head next door. Will we be more successful with our partners and our potential partners in we are packin some prime love muscle? Stay tuned!

BTW~ I won’t be letting anyone in my general vicinity know about PE. I really, really want that tang…

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Originally Posted by Russell4
I think that almost every red blooded earth male with an average size penis would do at least as much as I’m doing to have a shot at the holy grail.

…except the really lazy ones, and those who actually believe that “it isn’t the size of the ship…etc”. I’d say those two groups make up over 90% of the male population.

We may have to make a fake main page and post stories of no gains and injuries and shrinkage!!

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I think that

PE will never be POPULAR. Don´t you guys worry, one article cannot make it popular. Normal people cannot do what we do for years, not even for months.

By the way, DONT TELL YOUR FRIENDS. it backfires. word gets out no matter what. i know people know im making my dick bigger. its fucking gay. even ur best friends. i told 7 of my best friends altogether and gave them each a program. ONE OF THEM did pe for one month. the rest didnt do anything. even the guy with a dick under 5 inches. he did NOTHING. all they did was leak things out that i was doing things to make my dick bigger. its really fuckin gay. trust me, if this stuff goes mainstream, most men will be too lazy or stupid to do it.

Yeah, I have tried to tell a few people and it is always acknowledged with mild indifference. I don’t think I know anyone who would have the drive to actually make PE work. Either that or at heart they don’t want to believe me, because they have already accepted their size, and it is painful to call it “too small”.

So did the GQ article ever get published?

Wasn’t there a recent expose on DLD and some touched up photos? Seems maybe that if GQ figured out that he was doing that as well (they do have photo experts on staff no doubt) they wouldn’t want to get into scamming like DLD has. Maybe that wasn’t DLD, I’m just thinking out loud.

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My 2 cents is that pe takes too much effort for your average person to stay with.

If they don’t get immediate gains they will quit.

However it’s also a dream for the ladies out there to have 8inches as the average size for a dick Just my 2 cents


Monty, according to DLD they took pictures of his junk when they interviewed him. So yeah, after seeing the chopped up photos here and at MOS, that definitely could have dissuaded them from publishing the article. If anything, it might make them flip the article and tally NPE as another scam. Although, I’m not sure the majority of our membership would be entirely upset with that (fight club).


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