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The Second Ejaculate?

The Second Ejaculate?

Since I been doing PE, I have picked up ah.. a Fleshlight. I admit I’m a little embarrased to say it, because its a fake pussy. But I thought that it could train me to last longer with a real one. And I must say, that it is very close to the feeling of a real one and it is still very tough to edge with it and hold the load. So far I’ve been able to work my way up to 40 minutes, rather than the 30 seconds I used to last. snif snif..

So anyway after I cum the first time in this thing, I force myself to keep going to try to bust another nutt. I have been successful at getting off two, but instead of cum or blanks I’m shooting straight piss at about 60 miles an hour, because I can hear it spraying the rear of this thing like shooting the side of a house with a water hose! Damn! I I could only do this in a real pussy huahahah!! Anyway, what the fuck is that? I’ve never done this before and is it dangerous or negative bearing for me? Is this normal or okay?

Not dangerous, jack. Just don’t get yourself trained to it such that you do it rather than sex.



hmm right moderation is key. But of a pussy did fall in my lap tomorrow I would definitely not pass that up! (A real one that is)

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