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The Safer/More effective Road to Take

The Safer/More effective Road to Take

So my brother approached me the other day about how he’s been doing PE for a short time (3-4 days) since he came back from college. He said he found out some stuff about it through the internet in his place of higher learning.

Anyway, we were talking about hanging versus manual stretching and we found some conflicts.

Anyone have an opinion on which is safer and or which is more effective? I think each has its good parts and bad parts, but him being a newbie won’t agree with me until he sees some other opinions.

The perks of being a brother.

I second “what he said” …get him here and let him decide. Consider this: how long can you hold a manual stretch for…and get a good stretch? With weights you can get a good, consistant stretch for 20 minutes straight at a pre-determined resistance level. Just something to consider.


This is a great thing for the experiment! We actually have two siblings which PE…what more could we ask for? Idenical twins maybe, but this is good enough. Get your bro on here and join the experiment. It could be really interesting if you guys did different routines and saw what the results were. I would assume you are pretty similar in genetic make-up and if their was a second go around, both of you could switch routines for the second experiment. How ‘bout it? I’d try to get my sibling involved, but with my luck I’d get stuck at 7” NBP and she would end up with an 8X6 clit:) . Never felt sibling rivalry and don’t need to start now. groa


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