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The ruler, the penis and the pelvis tilt


I measure seated, and do whatever I can to get the longest BPEL measurment. That way, I can easily tell if I’ve gained or not. To measure NBP I would do it standing, but that number is not published. :D

Hey Guys-
While maintaining a consistent posture when measuring can’t be over-looked I think it should be pointed out that in order to get consistent measurements you should always measure using the same ruler as well.
I know, I know. I can hear you now: “Does the word ‘duh’ mean anything to you dude?”
But let me share this:
Recently while browsing an office supply store I did an impromptu test of the many rulers they offered and “SURPRISE” there were some serious inconsistencies happening between rulers.
Using the 6” mark as an anchor, in case after case both the ascending and descending points varied or ‘spread’.
Using the two rulers with the biggest ‘spread’ and comparing them from the very start of the ruler I was astonished to find a full 1/4” difference between them as early as the 8” mark.
Incredibly, in one case I found a 1/8” difference between two ‘identical’ rulers made by the same manufacturer.
Wooden rulers were by far the greatest culprit, next came plastic.
The rulers with the greatest consistency were metal (almost no variation).
I could go on about why this all might be (cheap production/materials, heat and moisture, bla,blah) but the important thing I learned is that PE’ers like myself who are concerned with centimeters should stick with the ruler they started with (dance with the one who brung ya).
I’m not sure what this says about measurements from one person to the next given the logistics (and douche-chill factor) of everyone using the same metal ruler but 7 1/8” sure looks a lot bigger than 6 7/8” when you’ve spent the last two months jelqing your brains out .


Originally posted by luvdadus
I agree that you should do what maximizes the reading therefore subsequent readings that show progress are not due to “cheating”.
I have always maintained that consistency is king for meaningful measurements. I think the most reliable way is to “cheat” from the beginning and be consistent from there on.

Exactly. Consistency is everything and it is easiest obtained by using the outer limits of what have you (rock bottom on the fat pad, max pelvis tilt, standing straight against a wall when measuring body height etc.) “Neutral”, “normal” or “somewhere in-between” are just not valid tools when accuracy is what you´re after.

As for “cheat from the beginning”, I think the fine thing about the max pelvis tilt is that it´s very, very difficult to argue that the “tilter´s” readings are beyond reason; tilting the pelvis forward is what we do in normal sexual situations. We push ourselves (well, only the dick actually;) ) forward to show every fraction of an inch we got. That´s a perfectly legit and common behavoir, and therefore it´s, IMHO, something we should try to simulate when making measurments.

Originally posted by luvdadus There are a lot of guys here however that are obsessed about comparing measurements. They go through all kinds of rituals to ensure themselves that they aren't “cheating”. I think its unnecessary, there is not likely more than a 1/4” difference in length between a maximized “cheat” measurement and one with a neutral pelvic position.

Hey! I´m one of those guys…;) Yes, it´s just 1/4, or maybe 1/2, but still. Anyway, my guess is that the majority of people measure with max forward pelvis tilt, without thinking about it. It´s like the old question of EBPL or NBPL in the surveys - we never (almost) know if the participants were bone pressing or not, right? But, like many here at Thunder´s have said: It´s safe to assume that most guys bone press because 1) it´s more difficult not to and 2) it gives you the best reading. I think the same goes for pelvis tilt; max tilt is probably how most guys in the surveys measure.

So the next time you guys see a survey that says that the “normal” penis is 5-6 inches long, you can quite safely assume that the guy with le dicko normale and his fellow participants both bone pressed and tilted his pelvis forward. At least that´s what I´d like to belive.

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