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The Return of the Prodigal Son


The Return of the Prodigal Son

Hey everyone.

It has been a long time since I even visited the website. I got caught up in work/life which made it quite hard to visit here. I stopped PEing for 8 months or so. It was a combination of not having a whole lot of time to do it, and the fact that I wanted to test myself to see if I would lose a lot from not exercising my dick. :-P

On the PE side of things, my penis shrank a little. About .4” in length and .2” girth. I haven’t noticed any decrease in the last 6 months so I am at the point where I don’t think it will shrink anymore. I do want to get back into exercising it, because frankly it was fun and made my sex life more interesting.

In my personal life, I recently quit my job, because my boss was screwing me out of a LOT of commission. It has tossed me into a depression to where I required medicine to keep my head up high. It was a job I wanted to do for the rest of my life….I enjoyed doing it, and was good at it, but it is hard to think about it without getting sour. The medicine is working according to plan, and I’m trying to get my finances in order. Altogether, I have a positive outlook on things, so I hope the future will bring some great changes for me.

On a final note…..Does masturbation affect gains?

Sorry to hear about the problems. Looks like things are starting to look good for you which is of course is good (duh). I truly wish you the best of luck in life.

As far as masterbation goes I’ve been jacking it once a day (sometimes I even hold off for up to three days lately) and my gains are still coming. I am using a AutoEXT from monkeybar pretty much all day these days until I sleep and masterbation every now and then hasn’t seemed to affect my gains. ;)

Two things have happened that astound me!

1. Slack is a moderator (grats bud)

2. And he doesn’t have 30,000 posts by now

I guess with my absence he had no real reason to post. :)

I practically feel as if I know you just because of all the posts I’ve read with you in them back in the day. Plus, a name like XLmagnum isn’t easy to forget ;)

Quick question, did you just quit PE out of nowhere or did you spend a little while cementing? I’ve always been interested in seeing how much people lose when they stop for good and how maintenance/cementing affects losses.

Starting Stats (5/21/06) - BPEL: 6.75 | NBPEL: 5.75 | EG: 5.75 (Mid) 6 (base)

Current Stats (8/21/06) - BPEL: 7.00 | NBPEL: 6 | EG: 6.0 (Mid) 6.375 (base)

My new Goal: To have the volume of a Coke can (21.65625 cubic inches ;) )

I decided to stop altogether while I was cementing my gains. It was really for those two reasons. I wanted to see what would happen to my gains, and I wanted to take a LONG break from it to use that extra time for other things.

I’m actually quite happy with the results. I didn’t lose as much as I thought I would.

Hmm…Never heard of you before. Glad to have you back, though. Good luck putting the pieces of your laugh back together again.

Surely there is another company, out there somewhere, offering the same type of employment as the one that has occupied you until recently. Ah Capitalism…what a wonderous invention: A consumer’s paradise - a vendor for every sin, apetite, or need.

I hold the fates bound fast in iron chains and with my hand turn fortune's wheel about... - Marlowe's Tamburlaine

I was thinking about you just yesterday. Welcome back, sorry about your troubles.


Good to have you around, again! Glad you sought professional help sooner, (rather than later, or too late). Remember that there is more to life than work, and rely on your true friends to se you through this tough time.


p.s.: that crazy huff may be on to something there… oh, and if you are thinking of relocating, you might try the Great White North. Where else can you ride a Ski-Doo to work, then eat seal blubber on your lunch break?

Hey XL, welcome back :)

It’s the man!!

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

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"To leave the world a better place, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived is to succeed." - Emerson

Good to have you back XL.

Chin up dude, theres a silver lining in every cloud and all that…. :)

Good to see you back xl. Success at solving your problems.

Welcome back XL, great to have some of the experienced members back. Hope things get better.

Currently doing manual stretches, jelqing and starting ULI's. Still trying to lower my tight and very high erection angle.

BPEL: 6.2 inches / NBPEL: 5.7 inches / EG: 4.5 inches

Thanks for all the support.

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