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The prickle-es


The prickle-es

I prefer being either trimmed or shaved, one for the way it looks and more importantly for easier going with the PE exercises.

The problem is, no matter how I do it my wife complains that its prickly and diminishes her pleasure during sex, which is absolutely not something I want to do.

I’m forgoing the shaving as that’s too much work, she hates the way that looks and worse for her pleasure than close trimming.

Does anyone have any recommendations that would make the hair softer and less prickly. I think one of the problems in my pubic hair is not so curly but just grows straight which makes it poke more.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Don’t trim so close?

Laser hair removal.

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Pluck. It’s not that bad after the first time and when they come back the hairs are small and soft, not like trimming. I pluck down to the base.

I first shaved myself and my girlfriend said the same thing. So then, about a month later, I waxed myself with a cheap “Brazilian wax” kit from Walmart. When I first waxed myself, my legs were shaking uncontrollably cause it hurt a bit (just the first time is terrible). Waxing results are great, but I got too many in-growns in the pubic area because of it. My pubic area started looking like I had some skin disorder cause I’d pick them out so much. I stopped waxing after about 6 sessions.. Maybe you’ll have better luck with the in-growns.

All I do now I trim the pubic area to about 1/2” long, no shorter than that cause then it’ll feel like a stubble. Then I pluck around the pubic area so it looks clean cut (the base of my penis, my very inner thighs, and then my balls.. I don’t get in-growns in these areas). It doesn’t hurt as much as you might think and it’s amazing how soft balls get when there’s no hair on them! My girlfriend really likes it cause it looks nice and it doesn’t irritate her.

Good luck!

There’s a new lotion out, I believe it’s Jensen something for women’s legs. To keep them smooth longer after a shave. It should work for your balls and shaft, too.

Check out Walgreens…

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Maybe it’s because I live in the Bay Area but there are a lot of places that now do “boy” Brazilian waxes. Waxing is DEFINITELY the way to least for a girl. The pain is a bit harsh at first (for a woman’s bikini) but after a few minutes the pain goes away and the end result is smooth as a baby’s bottom skin. Very much worth it.

Pluck. I pluck my entire shaft and balls. Very smooth, and no complaints about prickles.

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Isn’t waxing the same as plucking, only en masse and thus faster? Plucking just seems like an ordeal to yank out 2 or 3 hundred hairs one by one.

Sounds like the only acceptable solutions for the original poster is to not trim too short, and laser. If I had light brown or darker hair, I certainly would have gone the laser route myself. Cursed with blonde hair myself.

The other option would be to wax/tweeze/epilate for those that don’t get too many ingrowns.

I shave the hair at the base of my shaft and sack, and my wife sometimes complains about the “prickles”, but only if I neglect to keep up with it. It really needs a maintenance shave every 2-3 days or so, for me. That sounds like a lot of maintenance, but I usually just grab a sharp razor after a shower, no shaving cream or anything, and do a few swipes to knock off the stubble. It takes about 30 seconds.

Horny Bastard

I’ll second mravg’s method; I keep a separate razor and dry shave the shaft and balls every few days or so; it only takes a few minutes for a good job. I keep the rest well trimmed every month to about 1/2 inch or less; I think no hair downstairs makes it look a little juvenile (even with women). Perhaps I’ll get a good set of tweezers and try plucking again, but it takes much more time (this may be balanced out in that the hairs take longer to grow back. Anybody know if plucking = less maintenance overall?).

I just invested in a thing called Micro-Tweeze. Microwave heated wax. If you put it on in thin strips it really works good. I really wanted to get rid of the hair on the side of my shaft but after I got going the next thing I knew I’d stripped my balls also. One session and I’m clean.

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Tweeze them. You probably think that’s crazy but if YOU want smoothness there is no other substitute!

I do the side of the shaft and an arc above the dick about 1 cm into the fat pad; and let me tell you, it feels so smooth and nice even I love stroking it.

As for the pain, you will get over it. It helps to do a bit of a hot towel wrap first to soften up the skin. Your choice, but incomparable in my books.


Thanks for all the suggestions. I talked with a place that will do the brazilian wax thing for guys. I was told I had to be erect to wax the hair on the shaft. Wonder if they help you with the erection part too!!!

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