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The Physiology of Initial Gains


The Physiology of Initial Gains

There have been a lot of posts discussing initial gains. I am referring to noticeable gains of 1/2 inch or more during a period of several months. I myself had a rapid initial gain of more than 1 inch. After taking some time to research the subject, I have gained a perspective about initial gains. Most people who get into PE start out stretching and/or jelqing. I did both. As you might expect, these activities have an effect upon the skin, the tunica, the corpora cavernosa and the ligs - it STRETCHES them. Early on in PE, the penile tissues will stretch and stretch. In some people this stretch can be quite significant. However, there comes a point where the tissues will stretch no more. This is the natural progression in PE. When tissues reach that point and one pushes past that point, tissues begin to tear. This is what we are after - controlled damage. This is where the micro-tears occur and if done properly, real growth occurs. When guys see their initial gains level off, they tend to become discouraged. However, they should actually be happy because this is the point where they can begin to make REAL progress. However, real progress takes time. After the initial stretching, the real gains may take a couple of years depending upon the person’s physiology, the frequency of PE and the methods employed. I have gained a total of 1.5 inches so far. I had to take a month off due to a nagging injury and I saw my unit shrink back to almost pre-PE levels. The REAL 1/2 inch gain did not go away. However, the stretched gain did go away. I got it back after about a week of hanging and stretching when I started back. I have been involved in PE for 7 months. I am not discouraged that I have hit a plateau. I know that I will continue to gain, but at a slower pace. So, all of you who wonder about initial gains and why they slow down - now you know. Keep in mind that this is not an absolute for everyone. However, I think it applies to most of us.

Happy PEing


ps. Differing opinions are welcome if not encouraged!

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VERY good post!


Thanks for the info. It makes sense to me. It gets rid of some of the discouragement.

Hey jelktoid!

Excellent post!

A couple of (or three at least!) other things we need to remember about initial gains……..

Often the gains we see early in PE are simply reclaiming size that we have lost through penis atrophy - ie lack of use and poor penis health will cause the penis to shrink - the older you get, the more noticeable this becomes. Jelqing, especially, will increase blood flow which in turn will stimulate tissue and may help reverse some of the effects of atrophy. These are not real gains, you are simply reclaiming what is rightfully yours! :leftie: However, you are absolutely correct in saying that if you stop, they will often disappear just as quickly as they came. :(

Secondly, the whole process of PE is about stressing tissue to promote growth. One of the side effects of this is swelling. This will affect both your flaccid and erect measurements …. but unfortunately it’s only temporary.

Also, inaccurate and inconsistent measuring can be another pitfall for the unwary giving false readings of growth. Sometimes it takes a while before you master the measuring routine, so due care must be taken.

There are many reasons why gains often manifest quickly and then taper off or disappear altogether. However, as you succinctly pointed out, real gains are there to stay!

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Is there a limit

I wonder if there is a maximum limit to gains. It seems that there might be. Not to speak for other men here, but after 2 1/4 years of pe, which includes stretching, jelqing, uli’s, and all the other stuff, it seems that my maximum size has been reached. Not that I am unhappy about it, because I am very pleased with the gains. I just feel that there is a point of no return where no matter how much additional exercise one does, no further length or thickness gains are realizeable. For myself, I seem to be stuck on the same size now for close to 6 months and I am coming to the realization that further gains may not be attainable. Now for me, it is just maintenance. I look forward to further research on the subject, but I think every man has his own maximum size. I welcome comments on this and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again.

uc61la, I was just wondering how much you have gained in that time asd what your pre-pe and current size is?

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Had to bring this interesting thread jelktoid started up, since some of the new but experienced members haven’t necessarily read this. Any opinions? dld, rb, seanjacobs etc…

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I always thought that the gain we got was permanent, or that they could be made permanent, with at different routine. Is this wrong?

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I am happy to be proved wrong, but I cannot recall anyone who has had initial gains, stopped PE, and LOST his gains.

However, I can recall many that have had gains, stopped (due to injury, motivation etc) for significant amounts of time and NOT LOST gains.

Doesn’t this disprove the theory that initial gains are NOT permanent?

I was wondering why after 7 month I stop ed growing.
I hope the hanging helps>


Quote from shower

However, I can recall many that have had gains, stopped (due to injury, motivation etc) for significant amounts of time and NOT LOST gains.

Doesn’t this disprove the theory that initial gains are NOT permanent?

I have to say that that’s what i’ve always believed.
I’m currently on my first break due to injury (after 6 months PE) and would like to know more about this.

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I’ve done PE since about 3 years ago, and have taken up to a year off, twice. Never lost anything noticable, other than the discoloring, when not doing PE.


How much discoloration did you lose during your off periods? Also did you decide to take those breaks because of plateaus? And did you get a burst of initial gains when you started again after those 2 years long breaks?


It went back to normal color after not too long. Each time I’ve restarted PE, I’ve made fast gains. The first two times, I gained .5” length in 4-6 weeks. And this time, I’ve gained .25” girth in about 4 weeks(working on girth only). I’m now going to change my routine and work on length to see what I get. I’ve been at 7.75” BPEL for too long. ;)

Thanks MDC

That’s good to hear, I think nearly every one who took a really long break reported a burst of gains after starting again.

Btw - did you do any maintenance during the break?

Good luck with your length gains!

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