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The Physiology of Initial Gains


When I was off, I didn’t do any PE “maintenance”.

I don’t know. It doesn’t seem to apply to me. I took a month off in October, and didn’t lose any gains. My gains have slowed considerably though…

I tend to think it’s more like the young plant growing against the wind. It stands upright, until a stout wind knocks it over as it isn’t strong enough to resist. It quickly repairs itself, stronger than before, and laughs at the same force wind that used to defeat it. Until a stronger wind comes along, and the process repeats itself…

Look at DLD. He was pe’ing along, with relatively stagnated gains then came up with the blaster and gained like 1.5” in 2 months? I don’t think it was a growth spurt, but more of the unit reacting to new stress it hadn’t encountered before. As a fellow fast gainer (used to be, I think) I just wish like hell I could mirror his results. I haven’t grown more than 3/8” for a many moons…

But I don’t know. So much of this shit is such a mystery…


I totally agree about the mystery factor.

I used to study sound engineering and I occasionally work as a DJ, and at times I see PE as very similar to sound and acoustics.

It’s a science combined with mystery, or maybe it’s just that the rules these two phenomena follow are so complicated and tangled and there are so many of them, that they become almost impossible to analyze with the means we now have.

Still we try. With sound, even the best sound engineer can’t predict exactly how a place will sound before hand. You design an acoustic space following simple rules of acoustics and still you find yourself surprised by the results, because there are so many parameters involved.

You can come to a club you play in for a whole year every Friday, and still it will sound different every time. And you can’t control it! It’s so frustrating. There’s the system and how long it played for the other night and how much it was stressed, and the records which you play, the mixer which you use, the turntables and cartridges, and the people - how many of them in the club, what do they wear, even if they talk or laugh, and of course the weather, if it’s humid, if there was a sudden change of weather. This is just a few parameters out of the whole equation and those apparently little deviations can actually make or break a performance.

Still I struggle to keep exploring it, and every time I find another little discovery that helps me control it better next time.

Same with PE.

Anyhow - more specifically, maybe a month off was not enough. Maybe you needed a longer break in order to get the quick gains again, like MDC.

I don’t think a month is long enough, especially as tough as your dick must be by now, RB. I took 4 weeks off in October, then had a better than usual length gain in November. No girth though. IMO, it wasn’t enough time off.

Due to a thrombosed vein I’m forced into another break earlier than I had planned, but I’ll make this one at least 6 weeks, probably longer.

I’ve been peing for a year and 2 days. I can’t complain, because I started at 5” ebpl and 4” eg, and am now 8 3/8” ebpl x 5.5” eg, but I’m not there yet… I’m building a dick to match my wife’s vagina, and while I’m close and she’s cumming much more than ever, I feel I need at least another inch in length and girth. Maybe not quite that much girth, I’ll watch her for signs of when to stop.

How does one know when their dick’s had enough time off? And when they start back up, do they feel like a newbie all over? When I took the four weeks off, I jumped right back in the swing of things, and didn’t feel like I did when I first started out.

Maybe I need to take 8 weeks off and go from there, but then again no one beats the shit out of there dick day after day like DLD, and all the sudden he finds something that clicks and gains 1.5” in two months… I’m not totally convinced time off is what it takes…

My theory on initial gains may not apply to everyone, however, I think that it applies to most of us. I know of numerous PE’ers who saw a bit of “shrinkage” after taking some time off early in their PE careers. It is a known fact that stretching occurs early in the PE experience. Whether you jelq, pump, hang or blast, you are stretching the unit. If you want to experiment, do your normal PE routine and then measure immediately afterwards. Then measure again at the end of an off day. I can almost guarantee that you will see a 1/2 inch difference. Physiologically, it takes longer than a few months to get an inch of new cell growth. I don’t care how much you PE. If you have a large gain in that kind of time frame, it is from stretching the tissue.

In one year, I have gained 2.5 inches in length. I would say that half of that is new cell growth and the other half is stretched tissue because I stretch in some manner every day. It took Bigger almost 3 years to gain 4.5 inches. I don’t know how long DLD has been at it, but I know that he has stretched his trout like crazy.

My theory doesn’t say that gains don’t become permanent. It says that if they come in a period of 3-4 months after starting PE, they are most likely attributable to stretching of the tissues.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Does it matter if enlargement is from stretching of the tissues or if it’s new growth? Bigger is bigger, right?


It doesn’t matter stretching or new growth, what I have seen with stretching though is that if you get a gain than stop you will lose it until you the cement the gain. It seems to take about another couple of weeks for the gain to be permanent. At one time about a year ago I had made it up to 7.75 and that I took some time off right after my gain and when I measured I was 7.5.
Now when I get a gain I don’t consider it official until I measure 2 weeks later and get the same measurement.


Anyone wanna give me a really awsome lenghting routine?? Just started yesterday !! Been reading about it for a few days and decided to start finally.


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