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The Penis Stretcher Research???

The Penis Stretcher Research???

Do you think this research is legit? Or is it helping prove a scam?

Can you be more specific? You’re not going to force us to google a term like [penis stretcher research] are you? I just did and got 3,700 hits.

Damn. Link didn’t work. Probably because I’m in China. They block a lot of stuff, although, strangely, there is a got of stuff which they could block, but don’t.


I guess its just an expensive ADS so, yes it could work.

They state that the device “applies a tractive force of between 600 grams and 1200 grams”. Thats 1.33 pounds up to 2.66 pounds, so not a very high force at all, which made me sceptical.

However, as the device is worn for “more than 3 hours per day, every day of the month”, I suppose it is possible.

The think that concerns me is their claim of 3+ inches in around 6 months for some of the guys in the trial, yet then say there is an average growth rate of 0.4726 cm/month.

There is a big difference between gaining 0.18 inches/month and for than 0.5 inches/month. Still,all possible I suppose.

My biggest question is if some of the guys here at Thunders hang with a lot more weight and some of them hang for a similar time frame, how come the hanger are not gaining 3+ inches in 6 months?.

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