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The penis ¿a toy to play with?

The penis ¿a toy to play with?

I only wanted to share with everyone of you, guys, what my dick means to me, after PE for 2 years. I engaged in this “business” on Aug. 2002, did intensive PE during the first 2 months, my gains were spectacular: 1 inch, and the end of the curvature of my penis. Now it gives me profound satisfaction, both prhysical and psicological, something I never thought I would experierience when I was 60, eleven years ago!!!!! I consider it a gift from heaven, for which I am so grateful. I don´t use it to msturbate, I don´t use ti w/other women, I use it to have normal intercourse w/my wife, but the pleasure I enjoy is so powerful, so deep, I hardly can¨t believe the reason for all this happiness.

Most guys use their penis as a toy, they take sex very lightly. Sometimes, many years ago, I did the same thing, and I afterwards regret my wrongdoing: it only gave me slight flashes of pleasure and extensive guilt feelings, nothing more…

Today, I´m happy to use it only as an expression of love to the woman who is the companion of my life. I would not exchange my present sitaution for any other in the world, My moments of sex are fantastic, at an age that you can see in my username in this forum….

Happiness and joy to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! I always wondered if the elderly actually had sex.. I always had these horrible thoughts of my grandparents having sex, I tried to convince myself they quite an along time ago..

It is great you have such a positive attitude, and I’m glad PE has benefited you, I wish you many more years of PE bliss.


Lots of wisdom in your post. Thanks for the positive comments not only on your PE success but your satisfying relationship with your wife.


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Thanks, guys, for your comments.

Starter, perhaps intercourse of an elderly couple may be not as glamorous as one of a young one, but it´s not so awful (well I have to defend myself, hee, hee), isn¨t it always the same mechanism…? Of course, normally, people my age don´t do it or can´t do it, unless they are in PE. In social gatherings, I´m sick and tired of hearing my friends telling jokes about impotence or erectile disfunction but I can´t express in public how my dick is working!!! (The other day I revealed my secret to a close friend and gave him something I download from this forum, he was very interested and a bit amazed).

I truly thank you for your wishes for me and wish all the happiness and blessings be upon you.

Peforeal, my sincere thanks to you also. Bless you. (By the way, tremendous gains, pal!!!!!)


Very inspiring story. I’m getting up there myself, well, let’s just say that I’m old enough to be your oldest son if you had me at a young age. I’m also grateful to have discovered PE about a year ago, but the sad part is that us older dudes had to suffer so many years in our youth. I’ve always been a grower, that is that I, in flaccid, had a shamefully small dick, but it would erect to greater than average, and thick. But that didn’t give me much solace in gym class. I ALWAYS avoided showers. And I felt like less than a man. Because of my shame, I gladly, at that time, would have given some of my erect size and thickness for more flaccid. Now, my erect is longer and even thicker, my girth is now 6 1/2, and believe it or not, almost seven after pumping. But the best part of it all is that my flaccid is significantly larger all the time. I mean, before PE, after exercise it looked like I didn’t have a dick.

We found it though, right? Today, when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is go to the mirror to see if my wee wee is still hanging longer. It’s a good feeling. Anyways, thanks for sharing your story.


I think a lot of guys, older, younger, whatever their dick size, suffer in their youth, always thinking they are “less than,” not able to perform adequately, because of their self-image. I am well hung, and yet at a young age, I felt, somehow, I was not adequately endowed. Figure it out!! I can’t!!


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg



Thanks, for sharing your story, I enjoyed it. As to your age and other stuff, I would appreciate a pm from you, it would be very nice to follow up this or other themes. My oldest son is 36, ´cause I married at 33.

I agree with you, flaccid size is so important to everyone of us, even if it is not going to be in view of other guys. You appreciate feeling it all day long. And, erect, it´s so wonderful when she has it in her hands…

So, only be thankful of being a male and having this marvelous organ called penis, of having discovered PE, your “wee wee” will always be there, hanging longer, looking stronger and healthier.

Wish you the best.


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