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The PE Survey results!

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Originally Posted by i_will_get_8_inches
Nice work remek.

I have a theory about why ejaculation may cause a less than optimal result from PE. After ejaculation, my penis is completely spent. There is no longer any blood in-flow that maintains an erection, therefore it shrinks to it’s normal flaccid size. If I do not ejaculate, I have a sort of residual in-flow that may maintain a semi-erect state for several minutes or even as long as an hour or more depending upon the level of excitement.

Usually after ejaculating, I am done with PE and ready to get to work on something else, and my mind switches gears and goes on to other things. If I don’t ejaculate, my mind stays active in the thoughts of whatever brought me to an erection in the first place. I may stay in this fantasy mode for hours at a time, and may even develop another erection from it.

This is the same principle behind the technique known as edging. This technique is where you develop a much stronger orgasm by masturbating to the point just before ejaculation, then stop and cool down a bit, then return to masturbation until you reach that point again, repeat this cycle several times and then when you finally decide to ejaculate, your orgasm is more intense.

I believe that ejaculation is a henderance to PE gains, simply because it causes an abrupt stop to all erection activity.

This is just my opinion, but I would like to see more discussion about this.


If that’s true why did I read about results from that same survey from men who masturbated but didn’t ejaculate, had worse gains than the guys who didn’t masturbate at all.

See survey pg 1. Very interesting!!

I have a hard time believing that ejaculating at end of PE session has any lessening effects on gains. I’m curious where the results came from, and whether there have been more current surveys that have different results.

Re-posting.. The survey has some interesting results about PE gains. Of course, as with any survey, take it with a grain of salt. Glean what information you feel might be relevant to your quest for gains, leave the other stuff to the birds.

Happy gaining!

I will be happy with a 1” gain and 0.5” on girth.

6.5 nbp and 6 eg would be awesome in three month.

At least this will keep me going.

~~~ 2/05/2015 Current: BPEL 6.5", MSEG 5.5" --- Goal: BPEL 9.0", MSEG 6.5" ~~~ mrweenie's log

BPEL |||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||*||||||||||

MSEG |||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||| |||||*|||||||||||||||

Excellent PE Survey RESULTS remek collected, all of it is confirmed from my point of view, especially the erection, ejaculation and masturbation effect.

work out=jelq?


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Great survey remek!

Personally I have found that after ejaculating, I experience shrinkage and that it also results in decreased size the following day.

I have also found that by edging (staying erect with my dick “jumping” by itself) for an average of 6-9 hours at a time, one day each week, for a few years that my size underwent a very noticeable increase. (This was before I started PE.) I presume pills work in a similar manner.

Relentless dedication and commitment to PE and success in life. Where will you be in 10 years? Are you getting all of the available output?

Good thing I started NOFAP then!

On my NOFAP adventure!


September 1, 2016 - BPEL: 6.675in MSEG 4.75in EL: 5.5in FG 3.75in FL 3.5in

June 1, 2017 - BPEL: 7.75n MSEG 5.375in EL: 6.5in FG 5.0in FL 5.125in

PE Goal: BPEL: 7.75in MSEG: 6.5in EL: 8.0in FG 5.5in FL 6in

I don’t know if this will be of any help or not, however I thought I would add it in the forum. In college I had taken a writing class and one of the parts was on survey questionnaires. The instructor had advised us that make sure that we should include as many possible options as possible and if it became the kind of question where there were too many possible answers, to leave it open ended so that the surveyor could answer it to the best of their ability. I wonder if that would change the results of the initial survey.

1 7891011

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