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The PE Survey results!

“Sorry but I have not heard of many men gaining an inch in 3 months, rubbish.”

I gained 1.5” in 6 months, and with the most half-ass routine you can imagine.

The results regarding ejactulation are surely due to testosterone levels. When we ejaculate, testosterone levels are decreased (although not STRAIGHT after), and it takes them over 24 hours to recover to baseline levels.

Lower testosterone means less frequent erections (probably less night time wood as well) and less tissue growth (muscle growth anyway). The day of/after a PE session is when we would need the greatest frequency of erections, so that fresh blood is constantly being supplied to the recovering tissues.

Also, abstaining ejaculation for 7 days results in testosterone peaks of +10%, +25% and +45% (on average) on the 5th, 6th and 7th days respectively. More testosterone means better gains…

As for PE pills, they may lead to increased testosterone levels, but I know too little of them to really comment in that respect. And then there’s the phenomenon of the PLACEBO EFFECT. Maybe pill users gained more becuase they believed they would gain more (ever seen Space Jam? :) )

Hey, men-of-10, this topic (masturbation-testosterone-gains) has been deeply debated; I don’t want to be rude at all, but maybe is well worth reading what has already been written.

Sorry I’m really drunk atm, so forgive me 4 mistakes etc., but from how that study turned out, I would say that the results are pretty much conclusive. All the men involved showed this spike in free serum-testosterone levels all on the same day… That has to have some significance, no? And greater testosterone levels will lead to more frequent erections by the very nature of the hormone. Have I not an argument for abstinence here?…

Also marinera, I’m a young man b usy in study and so wouldn’t have time to check those threads so thoroughly, but I completly understand where you’re coming from; I’m sure it’s fustrating when topics are discussed ad nauseum.

Man of 10

Let me resume : there isn’t anything suggesting that high levels of testosterone are good for penis enlargement; actually, some docs around here argued that high doses of testosterone (even esogenous) could be counterproductive to gain (again, no proofs about that).

Testosterone raise for 7-10 days if one doesn’t masturbate or has sex, but after that amount of time drops; those who have regular sex/masturbation have an average amount of testosterone not statistically different than abstinents, on the long run.

But then if one regularly ejaculates before this drop occurs, then THEY would have the higher average testosterone, which I think would have a generally positive effect in combination with PE

Also, you said “high DOSES”, do you mean supplemented testosterone, as this will impare testicular function in terms of test. production obviously…

I think that a good argument for the positves of higher test. levels is more frequent erections and therefore greater oxygen supply to the recovering tissues…

Well, you think. You have all rights to think :) .

Originally Posted by man-of-10
Also, you said “high DOSES”, do you mean supplemented testosterone, as this will impare testicular function in terms of test. production obviously…

Nope. I was meaning levels: both endogenous or exogenous; I’m saying that because many members here are bodybuilders on juice: guess what, they haven’t, on average, better gains than “normal” people.

Anyway, you shouldn’t post (at least here) when you are drunk.

Yeah, I THINK that the benifits of weekly periodised abstinence simply cancel out with the benifits of ejaculating regularly. I read on that ejaculation causes the release of White Blood Cells which greatly improve tissue repair rates… So all-in-all, I would say wank away basically :)

However, I compete in Track and Field at a high level, and so I use this weekly abstinence for the higher test. levels it gives me for training and competition; Each To Their Own :)

Isn’t there an anti-abstinence test? You are not playing fair! :)

This is an awesome post!

In regards to #4, those who masturbated less gained more; does that include edging and ballooning? I find that by edging it helps me to gain more…but I sometimes don’t cum after I edge. So, is that masturbation?

Curious as to what people think about this.

I think they were meaning masturbating and ejaculating.


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