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The PE Principles (La Principa De PE)

The PE Principles (La Principa De PE)

There is so much to learn about PE. I could continue to learn about the basic principles and theory of PE by performing searches and reading posts, but I am hoping to speed up my learning here. I have so many questions. I’ll start with a few:

How is blood delivered to tissues? I imagine that blood is carried to tissues through a series of smaller and smaller veins. But what happens at the end? Does blood just leak out the ends of the capillaries? And where does the blood go? Does it just diffuse passively in between cells? Do all types of tissues get blood in this way? And how does the blood get back to the arteries? Diffusion?

Whatever anyone can answer please do so. Every once in a while I’ll post a new set of questions. Thanks a ton.


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I am pretty curious about this also. So answer, answer now twat!

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I’m no expert on this subjuct, but I’m pretty sure that the arteries just make a curve and goes back to the heart, and then they are called veins.

The blood don’t diffuse into the cells, but I believe that most of the “transport” proteins do. But at least when it comes to oxygen, it’s transported by hemoglobin from the lungs to the cell, but by myoglobin inside the cell. But I don’t know exactly where and how the exchange occurs.

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I am no expert either, but the basic story is the the heart delivers oxygenated blood to all of your body, including your cock through arteries, which continually branch out smaller and smaller until you get down to capillaries. After suppling your tissues with oxygen and nutrients, the oxygen depleted blood is returned to the lungs and heart via the veins, where it is re-oxygenated, and sent on its way again.

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The successful use of Google or other search engine depends a lot on the search terms you use. For this topic you probably have to know that the science you’re asking about is physiology and the part of the circulatory system dealing with delivery of nutrients to cells is the capillaries. Using those two words in a Google search brought up these:…physiology.html…s/blood_p3.html…ap01/node7.html

It’s a lot easier for me to give you links to follow and read than to try and explain the system myself.

Thanks for the links. I am still reading them. I have a change of strategy now. I’ll do a little research of my questions before I post and post what I’ve learned and the links to go with them. This should be better than simply answering my questions in private. I did a little searching and see you’ve been dishing out the search tips for a while. ;) By the way, happy one year anniversary on T’s place. Perhaps you will give a one year update on your PE come February.

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-Still bitter the y2k bug was a dud.

-My dear boy, do you ask a fish how it swims? (No.) Or a bird how it flies? (No.) Of course not. They do it because they were born to do it...

My wife would know these answers….however, I don’t think I’ll be showing her Thunder’s Place anytime soon

Originally posted by Tube

By the way, happy one year anniversary on T's place. Perhaps you will give a one year update on your PE come February.

Thanks, Tube. I essentially stopped PE last July, so my stats in Size’s Database are all I have to show/say. I’ve probably lost a bit of my gains, too. However, I just started hanging two days ago and am going to get back into PE via that route. Perhaps in a few months I’ll have some more gains to add.

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