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The no gains thread


The no gains thread

Since we hear a lot about successful PEers having good gains it isn’t more than fair that we also tell the stories of the people who fail and who currently are stuck with no gaining.

As I wrote in another thread, I am currently stuck on a plateau since 2 month ago.

How long have you been stuck on a plateau and how did you break it?


Been stuck since I started! No gains what so ever and it sucks! Maybe I should move on from the newbie routine or something.been on it for 2 months now

Do this, buy a penis pump, and start his easy routine

Warm up

-do 150 warm up jelqs
-pump for 15 minutes
-150 jelqs
-pump for 15 minutes

repeat until larger than started

Also incorporate much stretching.

Stretch as hard as you can, and use the v and a stretches. Also learn to reverse kegel. Invest in a hanger. If you don’t gain it is almost 99% of the time a laziness or misunderstanding issue. I was a tough gainer but with the pump/jelq routine I have gotten huge lately, as well as with hanging. Stretch for 2 hours a day as hard as you can and there is no way you cannot get a bigger penis.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Mr B. Dog finds that if he whacks his dick with a hammer, it turns purple, and shrinks up for a week.

Originally Posted by Smallja
Mary was a dirty slut and that's why she got pregnant. She loved God's giant, holy penis.


Whats reverse kegel?

Originally Posted by dongdon

Whats reverse kegel?

Like trying to squeeze out piss really hard. You know, trying to make your stream shoot further. It loosens the ligs to an extent.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Mr B. Dog finds that if he whacks his dick with a hammer, it turns purple, and shrinks up for a week.

Originally Posted by Smallja
Mary was a dirty slut and that's why she got pregnant. She loved God's giant, holy penis.


Maybe if you stop for sometime and start again or Maybe your friend got bored of the same routine.

For those who didn’t gain at all. I bet that your doing it wrong.
Don’t just copy routines from others. Do what feels right.

Ok, appreciate the advices, but this thread was meant for other people telling about their failures or how they overcame their plateaus.

I know it is not nice to talk about problems, success is so much sweeter, but I still think we should be honest about problems as well.

Anyone here that ever had problems with their gains?


So it’s only sheddinskin19 and I who are a bit stuck currently :)

Come on guys tell us about your problems gaining. Or even better how you broke your plateau.
Or do everyone who get stuck quit?


I never posted about this because I didn’t want to discourage anyone.

For nine months, I hung a minimum of 40 sets a week. A total of 1,819 sets or 606 hours of actual hang time. At the end, I was hanging up to 27.5 pounds. Gains = 0.

I finally called it quits and took a little over a year off. I really wanted length before starting to work on girth. But given my past results, I have little motivation or belief that additional hanging or stretching would do any good.

In December of last year, I started back with dry jelqing and now clamping. I’ve resolved to work on girth and just accept any length gains that may or may not come. Once I’ve reached my girth goal, I intend to go back to hanging and give it a solid year or two before admitting defeat.

Stay strong,


Sorry to hear about your hanging experiences MX. Impressive though that you kept going despite the lack of gains.
Don’t think I could go on for that long with gains to encourage me, unless the exercises gives me something else.


Hey Oden.

My name is Sixer, and I’m a non gainer, **hangs head in disappointment** <receives greetings from the rest of the clan>.

I started around last March 2004, as of December 2004, I had no measurable gain. My Cousin from Northern Ireland talked me off the Ledge:head: , and I continue to PE.

I was jelqing, hanging and stretching (with home made penis master) from March thru August. From August on, I have been pumping (extremely consistent with pumping:_pump: , with sporadic manual stretching :jelq: and some hanging.) :fob:

I’ll measure again, on my next QE (quality erection).

Thank you, thank you very much.

cead mile failte :lep:

Not to point out the obvious, but lately i’ve got the feeling that I didn’t truely know what the exact meaning of fatigue is. So I wonder if this is the same for some of you guys as well. To make a very long story short, I’ve been peing for about 4 years no length gains, only occasional girth gains. Hanging, pumping, jelqing, etc., switched positions a million times, took long layoffs.

So anyway I spent a lot of time in the OTS position, got extreme fatigue thought I was well on my way, but never the less nothing. Recently someone suggested I try SO, now I had hung that position before but not often because I found it to be uncomfortable. Regardless I attacked, got familiar with it and wow, this fatigue was on another planet. I can’t even put it in words.

So my point is maybe sometimes we know something deep in our minds, and we may push it to the back. I think I always knew that hanging SO was a straight out attack on my tunica, but I wanted to take the easy way out and hang every other way sorta beating around the bush. So sample every possible position and see if what you think is fatigue actually is. I havn’t measured yet, but it just feels right and you know that feeling when you get it. Iv’e been optimistic before in the previous 4 years, but never ever felt like this before mentally or physically.


I’m a new member here.
After reading all the posts here, I am kind of demoralized.
Though I have gained 1cm since I started a month ago.

I met up a guy from this forum recently and from our discussion I realized some of my techniques I am doing is wrong, despite I followed the instructions and video clips provided here closely. Sometimes we assume it’s correct but it’s not.
Perhaps that why I only have 1cm gain rather than 1inch gain!
Anyway I still grateful he shared his experiences and tips with me.

So maybe you guys should step back and ask “Have I done those stuff correctly?” and not just do for the sake of doing. Don’t just going through motion.
I think it would be even better to meet up some guys who have gained from PE to share their experiences and tips.
It is also a good way to enlarge your circle of friends.

Don’t give up!

Disneyland do a PE program?

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