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The no gains thread



Thought I was making gains but, ever since I turned 18, I’ve been slowly gaining weight. I had a measure over slightly over 8 inches.. Bu tnow I’m back to 8 thanks to the stinking fat pad.. And no exercises I do seem to lessen it. The only success I’ve had with that area in the past is starvation.. Tried clamping until I broke the clamp. Still jobless, so no funding towards pumps or anything that costs money.. And all ‘people’ can suggest is to buy stuff. So yea.. Virtually no gains since Sept. 18th, 2004. I’m a whiny bitch. :P

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
An inch a month? This ain’t Disneyland.

Just trying to be optimistic.

This may not be Disneyland, but after reading through so many successful cases in here, it sure makes us believe it can be a Disneyland if we have faith, believe and never give up spirits.

I think what I was really trying to say is, even though I was getting fatigued in OTS it didn’t matter because my very tight on the left side tunica wouldn’t let me gain. At least until I hung SO to loosen up the left side, so that OTS fatigue was kinda useless. So I say fatigue or soreness, often does not = gains. If that makes sense.

Thunder what do you think?

I’ve been on a plateau since I started. I went at it for 2months with no tangible gains other than a darker coloured dick. I may have overdone it though, so eventually I’m going to start up again.

I made quite good gains the first three months so I found no reason to change my simple routine: jelqing for 15-20 min, a couple of minutes stretching and lig massage in a 5 on / 2 off days schedule. Got 0.5 inch more in BPEL, 0.3 inch plus in girth.

Now I have had no gains at all for over two months, obviously I must change something more than just increasing intensity and duration. I had a look at what the most stunning gainers did to achieve their results. In particular MagnumXL caught my interest, and the thread “Punctuated PE theory”. Before I take a planned break from PE I’ll try MagnumXL’s ideas about heat application, finishing off the sessions with icing the shaft stretched. Never used warm-ups or heat before. I’ll report back in a few week about the result.

I can’t seem to get a girth gain to save my life.

In the past 5 years I’ve tried:

Pumping (wet & dry, hot & cold)
Jelqing (wet & dry)
Bending (hard, soft, and in between)
Extreme Ulis
Horse 440s
Clamping (including double/triple clamping & clamping with bends)
Rolling (rolling pin over erect penis, very intense)
No rest
No warmup
10 minute routines
2 hour routines
5 days on, 2 day off
1 day on, 1 day off
you name it

In total I’ve gained about 1/16” - 1/8” EG (in 5 years). I have, however, gained about 1” BPEL. I seem to be able to gain length at will. Unfortunately for me I need girth and not length (8” x 4 7/8”).

PE is beneficial even without gains, though. Perfect rock hard erections and stamina are two major benefits I’ve enjoyed.

I just keep going and trying new stuff.


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