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The NEW WIKI poll!!

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Why do you think we should use the wiki?

To build up the digest for the benefit of newbies and experienced PE’ers alike


We will gain new members through exposure on wiki related sites


Eff fight club, I want to get NPE out to the masses!


My schedule is pretty empty and I need something to do


To create more work for the moderators

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The NEW WIKI poll!!

Why do you think we should use the wiki?

Please select the choice that best matches your answer.

I see benefits in the first three options, but could only pick one option to vote on as is the nature of the poll. Idle mind being the devils workshop, I had to opt for the last choice and keep ‘em busy:) .

Seriously, I’ve been poking about the Wiki and Wiki related stuff on the web and I think this is a good thing. Never heard of it before Thunder mentioned it in the polling forum and damn nearly forgot about the encyclopedia type approach to things with the advent of the Internet. Google’s great, but one has to give props to the old school “ad/spam free overview” of subject matter when trying to get one’s mind around a given topic, especially for the first time.

Obviously, a link to Thunder’s on a Wiki site can lead to more members, both good and not so good, albeit the latter case is rare. What has my optimism up with the Wiki is the type and backgrounds of the folk who may make it here and what they may be able to contribute to the knowledge base in the Wiki itself AND the PE community as a whole. I don’t know that the source of members and contributions is that dependent on the avenue or link that led them here, in some ways I suspect so. Some interesting ideas from bodybuilding (SD, stretching) were really not seen too much in the past on PE forums, much of this new theory has alot to do with links popping-up in OT BB forums. Different knowledge base and focus there, but how nicely it crosses over and applies to some relatively obscure endeavor like PE. Makes me wonder what type of folks utilize and frequent the Wiki sites and what they know, think, and how they might contribute.

Like it or not, most of what we think of as PE is derived from a vast array of subject matter. Intellectual diversity is it’s lifeblood, to keep it flowing the community really does need to draw in opinions and ideas from a wide field. Involvement and presence in different areas on the internet is one possible way to do that.

Ain’t much for the fight club mentality, didn’t even like the movie. I will take a trip down memory lane here and even claim a bit of empathy for the curious folks out there with dicks. Way back when I first saw an add for PE (paysite, of course), some of the mentioned benefits appealed to me despite the obvious bullshit claims. Anyone remember trying to find out what jelqing actually was a few years ago without dolling out the dollars? Goddammit, that $39.95 would have been alot better spent to support a place like this where one can learn a great deal more about PE and everything else under the sun! I really hate to see anyone else give up and pay-out only to realize the same thing I did, not to mention racking one’s brain trying to make sense out of some of the stupid advice given on paysites that I’ve been through. BTW, that $39.95 site has been bought, sold, whatever and is now the property of someone who was kicked-off here for a sorry spamming attempt long ago…and yeah, they do love to sell those pills.

Bottom line, friends…”Fight Club” in the free forum supports the spam, misinformation, and pay-to-know club via less access to information. Very few PE’ers ever come here and say how glad they were that they paid to join a PE site. Yes, there are exceptions, but they are few and far between. I can understand the “secret advantage” stuff, but to me it’s out-valued by the collective advantage. One may get more (perhaps faster and safer) by leaning from others experience and incorporating that into there own approach. Questions and problems rely on others for resolution, sometimes the bigger the audience, the more chance a feasible and effective answer can be had. Fella surfin’ Wiki’s on vein health may come here and know things that we don’t about thrombosed veins, causes and cures…from experience. Possibilities unknown and endless with greater exposure of free PE on the web.

Just some thoughts, really. It’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out and if it works at all to any good end. I don’t see it as a danger, just another arm of the community that has potential in more than a few ways. Yeah, there is also the potential for it to be a troll & idiot trap and require constant vigilance, but anything is. Time will tell.

Check out this link if you are in the mood to write. It is a list of desired pages to be made.

Wanted pages

-Still bitter the y2k bug was a dud.

-My dear boy, do you ask a fish how it swims? (No.) Or a bird how it flies? (No.) Of course not. They do it because they were born to do it...

Excellent post groa, thank you for that. I agree, and it’s clear to see, that PE thrives and grows because of the collective intelligence of it’s vast user base.

Also, great point about spreading PE not as a way to make every guy have a huge dick, but instead to keep the bullshit artists in the PE community at bay. It’s like the schools here in the US that know kids are having sex, so they provide them with condoms; If the guys are out on the net looking for PE anyways, wouldn’t it better if they found our group rather than pay money to some scam site? I think we can all agree on that one.

The only thing I dont like about wiki (correct me if im wrong), is that any wiki person can write in it. There are plenty of PE haters out there.

All information here is from my cow Bessy. The opinions and posts are hers and not mine. I just do the typing for her because we all know cows cant type. Fieldmouse :iws:

Groa beat me to it. Nice post.

All information here is from my cow Bessy. The opinions and posts are hers and not mine. I just do the typing for her because we all know cows cant type. Fieldmouse :iws:


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