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The Mighty O-Ring


The Mighty O-Ring

I saw some posts on people using those rubber O-Rings that are in everyone’s garage as cock rings. A couple weeks ago I found one that looked the right size and decided to try it on. Man, I couldn’t believe it!

It makes a really nice pump. Erections and flaccids are enormous and it makes ULI’s pretty intense.

I’m liking this O-ring for several reasons. First of all, I can wear it 24/7, flaccid or erect. Its a household type of thing so I’m not worried about getting caught with it, and they are super cheap so if I lose it who cares?

O-Rings come in all sizes so chances are you can find one that fits (unless your enormous).

This next part is going to come across as EXTREMELY stupid. After a few days of wearing my O-ring I was comfortable enough with extended erections that I started to sleep with it on. My midnight hard on pumped up with that ring all through the night is awesome. However I DON’T think this is a good idea for many people, I just got lucky with my exact size, the ring I’m using, and my own biology for it to work. Mine allows just enough flex to accommodate a good erection and I haven’t had any problems with circulation.

On a couple of occasions I wake up at about 4AM from the extended pressure in my dick, so I just slip it off and roll over. No worries besides that. I even ran for 30 minutes without it falling off or bothering me.

The ONLY problem so far is the rubber gives alot of friction if you try to remove it too fast.

7.75 BPEL, 5 in. Mid-shaft, 5.5 in. Base


8.25 BPSFL

So what size o ring are you useing?

I have 5 1/4 mid shaft and about 6 base, and haven’t figured out what size to get.

I bought a few from home depot before, and they didn’t have the proper size.

And since it was all guess work, if I had a size to compare to, I might be able to find my size.

Oh, and where did you get it?

My Home Depot doesn’t seem to have the O-ring selection it used to. You might try Ace Hardware or any other local hardware store. For your girth look for a diameter of say 1.75, 1.8, 1.85, but no larger than 1.9. Since they are so cheap you can buy several sizes in that range to see which fits best.

It’s not all guess work. To get the diameter take your girth and divide by Pi. For Pi, use 3.1416.

Get a ring with a cross section diameter of at least 1/8th inch. Also, the packages with be marked with both the outer diameter and inner diameter in 1/8th inch increments. Make sure you are looking at the inner diameter when selecting your size.

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I wish I could have an O-ring. Sounds great, but all I have given thought to at the moment is stretching and jelqing. I’m a newbie :P

The idea of using O-rings has never really dawned on me, however, in light of the current selection of cock-rings available at most shops I have visited, I just may give them a try. It appears that big seller in cock-rings these days are soft stretchy rubber type, I feel no pump at all from these and have even tried stacking three or four up without the results I desired. I used to wear a fairly rigid plain black ring until my base girth increased to a point that it was no longer comfortable to wear, as yet I have been able to find a replacement that fits well and gives the same kind of pump the old one always did. I guess I will venture to the hardware store and see what they have.

A couple days ago I had a little bit of chaffed skin on the underside of my dick. Its to be expected since I had rubber on my skin 24/7 in our most sensitive area. But its a tiny price to pay if it makes a long term difference.

JPPizHere, I had the same thought on the typical cock rings. I’m convinced I need better expansion than a little jelly is going to offer.

I’m still loving the continuous increase to my flaccid. In basketball shorts you can clearly see the outline of my head. Also, since I don’t have the privacy to clamp everyday anymore, my nighttime ballooning ritual is becoming pretty important.

7.75 BPEL, 5 in. Mid-shaft, 5.5 in. Base


8.25 BPSFL

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I experimented with wearing mine 24/7 for quite a while. The results where as you describe, the only time I ever really had much problem with it was during the winter months when I would occasionally get enough “shrinkage” for the ring to slip off. I did find that a little lubricant off some sort (I usually used vitamin E oil or some other natural based oil..not comfortable putting petroleum based products on my body for days on end) cut down on the inevitable chafe.

After experimenting with extended wear I also found that I could wear mine without my unit becoming cold or discolored and did in fact began sleeping in mine on occasion. Again, my results where much like those that you have described. I would wake during the night with such and intense erection that the pressure would bring me out of a sounds sleep, at which point I would remove the ring. On an interesting side not I invariably check the clock to see how much longer I had to sleep when these erections woke me. Almost every night the time that I woke was in a five minute window.

I have been clamping for around 1 1/2 months now and have grown accustomed to the pressure felt during clamping session and am now wondering if I could sleep right threw those intense night time erections.

I have also tried several other types of rings that I found around at shops, one was a firmer rubber type (glow in the dark no less) and one was sort of a slip knot noose kind of thing and none of the above have worked well either for me.

Started 6.75x4.75

Current 8.125x5.25

What is the UK equivalent of this ‘O’ ring you speak of?

What is their intended function?



I believe they’re referring to the O-rings that are usually found in the plumbing section. Am I right?…80.1254994.html

How stretchable are these rings? I was about to go out and buy a cock ring from a store. Do you suggest the O ring instead? I don’t want to choke my member.

Also, is it easy to remove while erect? (in case of emergencies)


I think an O-ring in British speak is O-ring. It’s a gasket used to seal connections. If you want a picture, Google it.


O-rings are not very stretchable, so you want to size it just a little smaller then your erect girth. The difference between a store bought rubber cock ring and a hardware O-ring is about 10 times the cost. A 50 cent O-ring makes a 5 dollar cock ring.

If you size it correctly, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting it off.

Thanks gprent. Off to the local hardware store.

Originally Posted by gprent

I think an O-ring in British speak is O-ring.




I’ll provide some of my own measurements, maybe this will help you choose your own sizes if you want to try this.

The INSIDE of my O-ring measures 1 1/4 inches in diameter, and like 4 inches circumference.

By comparison my flaccid base diameter is 1 5/8 inches diameter and 5 1/4 inches circumference.

Erect, my base gets to about 5 3/4 and I can still handle the O-ring comfortably. However it starts getting pretty snug if I expand past 6 inches at the base (which can happen if I’m ballooning while sleeping or have an extended erection).

Minime23 provided a good link above, that’s exactly what they look like. Mine is 1/8 inch wide. To get it on, I have to stretch my dick a little and work it on.

7.75 BPEL, 5 in. Mid-shaft, 5.5 in. Base


8.25 BPSFL

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I would say your ring is way too tight. I would buy a 1 3/4 ID, or at the smallest, a 1 5/8.

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I love clamping and decided to compare girth results using both O-rings and clamps. Im normally 5” mid-shaft.

While clamping, my mid usually expands between 5 1/4 to 5 3/8. The biggest measurement I have taken for mid-shaft was 5 1/2.

I clamp with 4 clamps total. Two clamp the base the entire time, and the other two at the bottom, mid, or top, depending on my set. I say this just so you know I’m applying alot of clamping pressure to get those clamped girth measurements.

Last night I slept with an o-ring on, woke up this morning with a semi, and also measured my mid girth at 5 1/4. So it looks like Im getting comparable expansion from clamps.

The upside is I get a similar pump for a longer period of time with no effort at all and save myself some daylight.

The downside is that if I’m not careful I risk injury from extreme expansion maintained for long periods of time while I sleep.

7.75 BPEL, 5 in. Mid-shaft, 5.5 in. Base


8.25 BPSFL

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