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The Mighty O-Ring


Its even worse than what I posted - my “4 7/8” measurement should actually read “4”. If someone can make that change in my post I would appreciate it.

Gprent, you might be right about the tightness. I was shocked how much smaller my O-ring is than my member, I’d had no idea it was squeezing me more than an inch. I’ll probably stick with this for a little bit since it hasn’t been an issue, but i’ll shop around for some larger ones as well.

7.75 BPEL, 5 in. Mid-shaft, 5.5 in. Base


8.25 BPSFL

I remember having to stretch my unit as well to get my last ring on and off, perhaps it was too small for me as well. Just out of curiosity last night I put on a ring I had laying around that I had always felt was not quite snug enough. After beginning an edging session I noticed that the veins where much more prominent than usual, and after I few more minutes I took a quick girth measurement and to my surprise the measurement around 1/16 inch less than my measurements during most clamping sessions.

I guess I had always felt this ring was not doing anything because I had no real sensation of pressure while wearing it, yet it seems to be working exactly as advertised. I will give it a few more tries and see how it does, maybe it is a keeper after all.

Started 6.75x4.75

Current 8.125x5.25

I bought a few different sizes and am testing them out to see what effect each size has on my flacid/erect unit.

I agree with JPPizhere. I don’t necessarily feel the effect of the ring but when I look down, oh man the veins are explosive. My advice would be for first time users to really observe whats happening down there. In case a ring is too tight/loose cuz you barely feel them when its slipped on!

I have tried using an o-ring after a good pump & jelq session in order to maintain the fullness of my penis for a while as that has been proffered on these forums as an aid to girth development. My experience, despite trying multiple sizes of rings, is that I lose the fullness only a very short time later. Other men on this forum talk about hours or even “all day”; my experience has been minutes. Is it possible that this will improve after I have been pumping & jelqing longer? I have only been pumping for about a week and jelqing for about two weeks followed by a week off since I was concerned that too much jelqing was contributing to some erectile dysfunction. So with that information, do you think I will eventually be able to maintain fullness for hours with the use of an O-ring? Thanks, Don


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