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the itch!

the itch!

after shaving for pe ive always used aloe or lotion to help supress the itch but it just doesnt work anymore. its horrible at work it feels as though i have fleas! any sugestions?

Know what ya mean, It is very uncomfortable. There have been many posts about this, However I couldn’t find the thread to give you a link. The posts were about tweezing, shavin with razors, shaving with clippers and using products such as Nad’s or waxing and sugaring. Try doing a search for the thread….I would do it for you now but my eyes are closing lol Very tired:) I’ll check back to see if you found it yet….. If not I will try to locate it for ya and give you the link. Or if there are more replies and somone has read about this, they can provide you with the link:)

Good Luck…………


Go for the GOALd!

i might try some shaving cream but i dont use it to shave my face so ill have to buy some :(

also alchohol after the shave but im a litlle scared because i have a few niks.

warning do [u] not [/] use alchohole! it hurts incredibly bad

i was advised to try goldbond

Hey Doc,

Did You just start shaving? And how often?
I had itching the first month or so. I shave every other day and my complaint now is having to shave, not itching.

Oh, and shaving cream helps.


I use no shaving cream. Only a very sharp razor as suggested by Diamond Winds. It works great. No itching or bumps. I just shave it dry.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

This might do the trick...

I allways use chemical creams to remove it. You should be able to find them in beauty shops I think. However, dont use them to often or your skin might get burned. I use it once a week. When I was on vacation this summer I used my razor with only some cool water. The trick is to only shave in the growth direction and not to shave it of entirely. Leave about 1mm and you should be safe.

no i started chaving around march when i first got my pj but ill try shaving in the groth direction. that may be my problem

I have been shaving on and off even before i started pe.i noticed when i first started i had bad rashes but after a while it stoped.You can also consider using sensitive skin shaving cream also that might help.

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