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The Importance of Sleep:

The Importance of Sleep:

I think I am going to start logging in my hours of sleep each night for PE.

Ever since I have started back the school year- I would be going to sleep around 2am - 3am and wake up at 7-8am.

I have noticed my gains are pretty much non existing as of now, and I am wondering if this can be attributed to my lack of sleep.

Last semester I would PE at around 11:00PM (23:00) and finish by about 1:00am (1:00)- then wake up for 9:00am (9:00) Now this is about 8 hours of sleep- twice as many as I usually get now.

Does anyone think that sleeping for about 8 hours + can help PE gains? Or (in retrospect) does anyone think that lack of sleep can hurt gains?

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Sure. Lack of sleep slows down the recovery process that builds up the tissues that we mean to tear apart.

That being said a question rises: Does lack of sleep improve lenght gains via lig stretch?

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I wonder if lack of sleep is just one of several factors contributing to this.
What about stress? Certainly your new semester has brought new stresses and distractions?
A diet change due to different “school-foods”? Other changes in routine?
It could be your body needs to adjust to these and other things before you see more progress.

Do the lack of gains perfectly coincide with going back to school?

Re: The Importance of Sleep

I’ve wanted to post on this topic for quite awhile; however, I want to approach the subject from a slightly different angle.

I’ve noticed that the more hours sleep I get, the more hours of nocturnal erections I experience. From waking up in the middle of the night, I know that I have continous morning wood from 3:00 a.m. until I wake up for the day. On nights where I get very little sleep, I seem to have fewer nighttime woodies. I’ve always believed that nocturnal erections are beneficial both for increased blood flow and expansion and for cellular repair.

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Yeah it has been more stressful this semester, but last semester was pretty much the same- if not MORE stressful. Hmmm, I am thinking because I am maybe slacking off in the jelqing. I would do 50 A-stretches and 500 jelqs a night for 5 nights on and two off. I gained after 3 months for the next 5 months (march - august) and september and october I am still plateaued even in my flaccid stretch. Now during my gaining months that flaccid stretch would get bigger just about every 2-3 weeks!.

Not sure if sleep is contributing to this- I went to sleep at 2-3am in the summer but woke up at around 11:00am - 12:00 noon… so it balanced out.

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