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The importance of morning wood...

The importance of morning wood...

I’ve not usually had full wood in the morning as most seem to.
I usually have semi-erections, and the occaisional rock hard erection. Sometimes caused by the need to urinate, other times simply due to increased libido.

What I want to know is, does this indicate a lack of blood circulation?

I know if I add a PC routine to my workout I will get more wood in the morning, but it may get to the stage where I cant sleep because of it.
This has happened before.
As for a libido affect I don’t ejaculate very regularly, say 3 times a week. Though I still have sex with my g/f, I have been able to hold back from ejaculating for a number of sessions…

I don’t do this to help gains, just because not ejaculating makes me feel more energetic and awake for some reason.

I’ve never had REALLY strong morning wood for long periods at a time, and PE hasnt really changed this.
So I just wanted to know if it’s normal…

You may be perfectly normal. Nocturnal erections occur during Rapid Eye Movement sleep, a stage in your sleep pattern. Healthy men with no ED usually have 4 - 5 erections per long sleep cycle, each lasting about 30 minutes. These perform a “housekeeping” function. It is quite possible that you are sleeping through these events, then waking more slowly from the REM stage than some of the rest of us - by which time your previous hard erection may have diminished.

Don’t worry about this, unless you are having problems getting hard for sex.

Up to you how many times you choose to ejaculate. As it is, you are in the “normal” range for what I assume is your age - 20 to 40 something?



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Not everyone gets morning wood. If you have no Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at other times, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

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