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The Holy Grail of PE is found!!!

Very, very interesting Shiver. The man who actually tries things while the rest of us stand around and talk. :) I am wondering if bromocriptine has enough of an inhibitory effect on prolactin for you to stay hard after ejaculation.

I tried the Oxytocin again, but it wasn’t nearly as powerful as the one I described earlier. What I have been noticing (or rather, I’d observed but didn’t take much notice of until now), is that the moment of ejaculation happens just slightly (maybe a couple of seconds) before the muscle spasms set in. I thought it was pre-cum, but now I’m not too sure I can distinguish the difference. It feels like when you get half way up the orgasm hill, then just seem to reach plateau and not quite go over. Erection remains, and I can resume then ejaculate fully. This happens with or without Bromocriptine. I’ve never noticed those effects with Bromo alone, and I’ve taken it on and off for quite a few years.

That sounds like ballooning. It is another possible route that we might take.

“A have a quick comment on ballooning. I really didn’t understand what it is until I recently took an erect length measurement. When taking this measurement, I usually get very hard and close to ejaculation. Sometimes I do come and I get my very best measurements a fraction of a second before ejaculation. I know you are right when you say that there is a rush of blood to the penis just prior to ejaculation. I don’t know if we agree on the mechanism but we don’t need to. If I can learn to follow your instructions and uncouple my orgasms from my ejaculation, I might learn to extend this hyper engorged state and thus, balloon.”

penismith - Sweet rewards - balloning works

That looks like some heavy reading, which I think I’ll save for tomorrow. Time to pop out the Piracetam perhaps? :)

PE (ballooning, jelqing, stretching, hanging, etc.) starts working the moment your subconscious learned how to do the exercise efficiently (and thus encourage growth).
Ballooning just means using your subconscious a stretch more than in the other exercises.. without it all hope is lost.

At least that’s the way I see things now.


Why not just use the pump at a low pressure for 3hr per day? Do it at night after work when watching TV or what ever. Or what about mixing PGE-1 with DMSO so you don’t have to stick a needle in your dick? Just some thoughts I had

I tried Misoprost (PGE-1 analog) with DMSO. Didn’t really do much for me. I think the pump at low pressure with do more for your lympthatic system than anything.

Originally Posted by Shiver
I tried Misoprost (PGE-1 analog) with DMSO. Didn’t really do much for me. I think the pump at low pressure with do more for your lympthatic system than anything.

How much PGE-1 did you use? How much DMSO? Was it pure DMSO? I have not tried that yet because I don’t want to get a chemical burn on my dick. Maybe you could try mixing it in PLO-Gel?

Not really what I meant to do, I meant get I think the brand name is caverject which is PGE-1 and mix it in PLO gel which is like DMSO. I have access to pure PGE-1 but I just have not brought my self to try it yet

I used 1 tablet (200mg I think), with as much DMSO (“DUSA-60” brand from JacobLabs) as I could make stick. The tablets have a lot of filler in them so you just end up with lots of powdery residue and little else. Perhaps Caverject might work better, but it would be a very expensive route to take, not least because the transdermal route would need much more product than injection which is far more bio-available.


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