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The HJ Jelq squeeze revisited, great for head size



All you can do is work on getting that erection down. Its all a state of mind that you need to work on, its part of the PE process. Every time I workout I’m in a state of maintining a certain erection level. Either trying to increase or decrease. One way to get my erection level down is concentrate on breathing correctly. I know this sounds stupid but the point is to focus your attention away from your dick until your erection begins to subside.

I remember Hugh Jorgan from old PE Forum days. How big did he get before his wife said “ENOUGH”?


I’m really interested in “feel”, because that’s what counts in terms of too little or too much IMO.
So how does it feel, you use the term “burn”, would you describe the sensation as mild pain, discomfort,
firm pressure, torture or what?
It’s no problem for me to use an amount of force that creates severe PAIN in the glans. Some say “no pain”, some say “squeeze the hell out of your unit”.
What’s YOUR experience for best gains?
No pain, no gain?


January 2009: BPEL: 8.6" EG: 5.7"

Goal for 2009: BPEL: 8.75" EG: 6"

Ultimate goal: BPEL: 9" EG: 6.5"

Originally Posted by dangleman
I remember Hugh Jorgan from old PE Forum days. How big did he get before his wife said “ENOUGH”?

He’s a member here he came over after I wrote this he tends to disappear for long periods of time hopefully he should be back soon. If I remember he was about 8.5 which is about the most that girls can handle with no discomfort. I have been able to hit bottom on every girl I have been with of late the only reason I want 9 is in case of shrinkage or lost size I would probably never be smaller than 8.


You should never feel pain. The burn with me with that exercise is the feeling that your dick might explode if your not careful with is exactly what will happen to one of your veins if your not careful. This exercise really puts a lot of pressure on the internal penis.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I’m still around… I still do the HJ squeezes or whatever ya’ll called them, except now I use the clamp on the base. Holy Schmoly, what a rush that is! They are basically the videos posted on this site. Bends and squeezes with a pumped up 110+% erection, clamped as tight as I can get it. I’ve broken several clamps I’ve put so much pressure on them doing bends. My dick is now leather! The clamp really makes me sore for a couple of days, and it is making the veins even more pronounced. I love that look.

As far as my size, I honestly don’t measure any more. No need, really. My wife is a girth fan, not a length fan. Last time I measured, I was still a tad over 8 1/4” length, and that’s all she wants. Girth is over 6 1/2 midshaft, going for 7.

I PE so I can play with myself with a purpose!

I am considering buying a PeniMaster just to piss her off. I’d love to use it in conjunction with clamping. I think I’d gain length, but I’d like to see if it would help with my flaccid size and erect girth.


Originally Posted by Hughjorgan9

I PE so I can play with myself with a purpose!


Great Comment!


The PeniMaster is designed for the rest of us mere mortals. You might have one heck of a time getting a regular PeniMaster to fit at your base. Any modest engorgement and you might need the “jaws of life” to get it off.

Anyway, awesome stats man. Nothing like a man with a mission.

All the Best,



You have some very good info posted on here. Guys like you are taking this thing to the next level. I forsee a day soon when there are two or three things to do to see great progress. Be it supplements, PeniMaster, clamping, heat, LOT, whatever…it is really getting scientific, which in my opinion, it needs to be.

I think I can work the PeniMaster into my schedule. I really want to test the PM and clamp for girth and head size (as well as length). Will it fit a 7+ inch base?



Thanks for the encouraging words.

Ref the PeniMaster, the inner diameter at the base is 1.7 inches, which is
a bit smaller than the eliptical opening in the base of the Andro and/or Jes Extender units which measure 1.7 inches Diam on the minor axis and 2.0 inches on the major axis of the ellipse. Depending on your flacid size and the amount of extra skin that engorges, the 1.7 inch opening on the PM could be a problem. When you wear an extender, so as to keep the skin stretch from burning, one pulls a little scrotal skin forward through the base ring. The design of the elliptical opening in the Jes unit makes this easier to do and easier to take the stretcher on/off based on my experience.

Actually, despite slight constriction at the base, I like the PeniMaster over the Andro/Jes units for these reasons:

1) Easier to read bar tension (+);

2) Less tendency for the parts to unscrew (+);

3) Uses strap instead of dangerous and irritating noose (+);

4) Much less expensive (say about half).

That said, I came up with my own strapping mechanism for the PeniMaster that, for me, beats the heck out of their rubber strap (2 other members are using it, too).

Now, in your case, if it turned out that the PeniMaster base was potentially too constrictive, you could go with the Jes Extender unit but substitute the head piece of a PeniMaster onto it cuz guess what? - the headpieces of the two suppliers are interchangeable (copycat designs). Any of us on the forum that own PM’s should be able to get you a PeniMaster headpiece and straps or, if you had the headpiece, you could make up your own strap along the design lines I came up with to get added comfort.

Bottom Line - it depends on your flacid size and how much you “puff up” under tension. I puff up quite a bit and, because of the engorgement, the traction device affects girth as well as length over time.

Hope this helps more than it confuses.

All the Best,


Damn good information as usual, Mr. T! I’ll have to measure when flaccid stretched. I know it’s not 6.5”, though. I’d hate to get it on, get a boner and get stuck. I am really concerned about the noose on the JES, That looks painful to me. I knew someone would create a noose/holding device that would be comfortable without pinching the head off.

Don’t you have a thread somewhere describing your homemade headpiece?

HJ, Thanks . . .

The thread about the PM strap is:

Trying to Make it Better

And, one of the members that’s using it just posted a gang-busters set of Pics that make my insructions almost intelligible (Thanks JohnZ).

Well, I futzed around with the Jes/Andro noose quite a while and I actually got it to where it was bearable at best. Some of the experiments there carried over to what I came up with for the PeniMaster - and, there are a lot of clever people on this forum that could take the current PM strap design and make it even better. It’s pretty good at present, but there is always room for improvement. Comfort really means wearability of sufficient duration so that you can realize the stretcher’s benefit. I found that glans size and circ scar shape play a big role in comfortably wearing a stretcher. That’s why maybe some guys with different sizes/shapes will try this strap concept and then adapt it to meet their requirements so we will all learn and benefit even further.

Anyway, hope this helps and good luck with a stretcher should you decide to go forward with it.


Then - BPEL 5.9, EG 5.2 - Now: BPEL 7.2, EG 5.6 Listen woman, "Don't bitch at me for burning the candle at both ends - just get me some more wax!"

Yea, I have done something simlilar but get scared and never go all the way.


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