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Originally Posted by Ruz_
It is something to have a policy over, however, doesn’t almost any and every business/ media work with advertisers? T.V., sports, newspapers, magazines, etc?

Very true, and I wouldn’t object to it, as you’re correct in what you say, I was just saying it’s something to be careful about doing correctly (having strong policy over).

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Currently (as of 04/3/09): 8.50" BPEL, 7.6" NBPEL, 5.7"EG, (5.5"-7" varying) FL, 4.75" FG, Height: 6'1", Weight: 175 lbs. (final semester of Computer Science > Gym :( )

Goals (in the next 6 months): 8.60" BPEL, 7.8" NBPEL, 6" EG, 7" FL, 5" FG, (still hopefully 6'1"), Weight: 200 lbs.

Tell you what, those of you who prefer forums with ads, go there. Those of you who prefer a forum with integrity, donate.

regards, mgus

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I feel like a big douche for not donating to this site. It has helped me out so much and I haven’t even started a serious PE schedule yet (hurry up end of semester!) Once my financial life finally stabilizes (about end of semester also) I would be more than willing to donate to this great site. Also I would love to join the $329 club although I would probably donate $5 because I can afford it and there is no reason not to.

I vote we keep it donations to keep this site’s integrity as a free no-bullshit PE site (a rarity.) We just need more people to donate, that is all. Let’s make it happen people!

Frankly I am surprised this site does not generate more donations, and struggles to make its $329 hosting payment. 100,000+ members? Obviously many/most of which are inactive. What a shame, that keeps it closed at times to new members.

I agree on keeping advertising out of here. It is nice, a rare site where you don’t have to see that shit. Also, it definitely lends more credibility to the place in general. I belong to a number of forums (non-PE related), and all of them seem to have advertising. One however, has a different way of operating without ads. A real upstanding place. They do this thing a couple times a year, and it really helps generate the funds needed to run the site. They hold a few raffles per year. Also, they have a section where members can buy and sell the items that are of the topic of the forum. (Much of it is quite valuable) In order to have access to that area, one must purchase a year’s membership. The raffles are a great idea, they generate a good amount of funds. An example for this place could be $5 or $10 raffle tickets, a few drawings a year. Pick the most popular PE items, Bib hangers, Air Clamps, etc. Have a number of prizes available. I think the results would be surprising.

I also see some potential in focusing on reputation, as far as donating goes. Something more than a little “forum donator” under one’s name. I’ve noticed that on other forums, the more “prestegious” one’s profile can look, the more incentive there is to donate. That $329 club idea is good. For example, having that in one’s name/profile would be more of an incentive than you might think. Or even a Silver, Gold, and Platinum donator levels program? In my experience, on forums people really give a shit about their “reputation”. Not just about sign up date or number of posts….

Back to donations, Thunder: Will you accept my donation now? :) That was big of you to deny my $100 donation back when we were having some political differences…. But if things are really that tight around here, I am glad to ante up. This place has benefited me greatly, and I would feel like a fucking leech not contributing, especially while I am in a financial position where I can easily.

Originally Posted by B92
What a shame, that keeps it closed at times to new members.

B92, that has nothing to do with the forum registration closing down. It’s a vacation for me and for the forum. :) Gives the new guys a chance to settle in and let’s the vets have some time off from the “newbie questions”.

Mostly it’s me being a lazy ass. ;)

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
B92, that has nothing to do with the forum registration closing down. It’s a vacation for me and for the forum. :) Gives the new guys a chance to settle in and let’s the vets have some time off from the “newbie questions”.

Mostly it’s me being a lazy ass. ;)

Oh, ok. That makes sense.

Still, it surprises me that you struggle to make ends meet. I would have thought you would clear more funds here. Not just to cover the hosting cost, but YOUR TIME. Shit, you seem to live here. I think you deserve a salary! I know another guy who runs a big free forum, he takes ad money though. It is his full time job.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Now where is that Paypal link for the DNC? ;)

Hey now! :) It is smart to have a balance, can’t alienate half the population now… (I know you aren’t serious) At least I hope not!

I heard Pepsico is in a bit of a rut. They made a risky ad/slogan decision, and it has caused some boycotting. I don’t know if they have the billboards in your area, luckily we don’t here, but I spent a few days up in Orlando for the kid a couple weeks ago while we were down looking at real estate in naples/Marco. I saw the billboard along HWY 4. All it is, is a huge round (new) Pepsi logo, and the single word “YAY” under it. you know what that new Pepsi logo is? It is the Obama symbol…. In my opinion, that’s risky.

I know that’s a completely different debate, but how many didn’t vote? How many voted that normally wouldn’t have? How many “swing voters” are now having buyer’s remourse? :) I think percentages are a little skewed, taking all the factors into consideration.

You have to agree though, as with Pepsi, why would they go political? That would have been like in my business, had I had McCain (Mc IDIOT) signs in my stores, even though 2/3+ of my base is conservative, I would alienate the Dems. Their money is just as good in my opinion! I would never do that.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
OK, enough of that in this thread.

I agree! Let’s skip the DNC link, and try to get enough cash together in April to cover the rest of the year.

How about TAX RETURNS? Everyone should be getting them soon, or maybe some already have. I won’t see mine for a little while because of the business shit, and that is always a bitch. Probably in the summer… Anyway, that is a good idea. People could earmark a bit of their tax return for a donation. Money that comes as a little extra, at least for most people. Like the yearly bonus. I look at mine that way. Return is not in my budget, it’s like extra money all together. Anyone??

I know. I just couldn’t help it though! Now dammit, are you going to accept my donation already? :)


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