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The following PE methods do NOT cause DISCOLORATION:


The following PE methods do NOT cause DISCOLORATION:

Though I am on a quest for the perfect (in my opinoin) 9x7 penis, I am more than willing to take my time with this if speeding things along means a permanently stained dick. Clamping seems to be the worst of the culprits. I’ve seen many people complain about hanging as well - though I recall reading a thread by BIB a while back where he was able to counteract his discoloration with wrapping…

In any event, if some of the experts could chime in here with what they think is safe in the discoloration department, I think it would be useful information. Not everyone is so desperate to get huge that they’re willing to sacrifice aesthetics.

With the caveate that any form of PE, overdone, has the potential for causing discoloration, I’d say that pumping is generally safe from that. Manual flaccid stretches, too.



I have had little to no discoloration thus far, but I attribute that to taking aspirin every other day as part of my PE regimen. I’d be willing to be that Arginine and NO2 would have a similar effect for different reasons.

Discoloration is iron deposits from bust capillaries. Iron is an oxidant (bad for tissue regeneration). While some of our best gainers have experienced some severe discoloration…I refuse to believe it is a necessary evil. You may have to do some off-Thunders medical research of your own.

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yeah it’s basically Hanging is intense stretching and Clamping is intense jelqing…

The way I’m going at it is I’m doing manual stretches and clamps, as well as squeezes. Manual clamps can be just as good as the real clamps… I’m monitoring myself and so far I have seen very very very little to no discoloration.
If you notice some darkening, lay off the intensity or stop for a little bit.

By the way I’m making great gains.

Start 12/1/06 _ _ _ _ 3 month 3/2/06 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 month 4/2/06 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 5 month 5/2/06

6.6 X 4.75 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7.25 x 4.90 _ _ _ _ _ _ _7.5 x 4.90 BaseGirth: 5.25 _ _ _ _ 7.75 x 4.90 10 month 9/24/06: Still 7.75 X 4.90 ---- I have focused primarily on girth and have not gained a CM in months.

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Squeeze type exercises like Uli, horses, etc gave me some discoloration. I took time off and used Hydroquinone 4%, a bleaching agent, and my skin color returned to normal. This is a prescription only medicine in the US but i ordered from a Canadian pharmacy. The stuff works. I now do jelqs and use that cream if need be.

You know the more I think about it, the more I think most PE exercises should not exceed a certain amount of time per set (I guesstimate 5 minutes). I’ve read posts where some people clamp for more than a half hour at a time without rest, and I just don’t see the point in that. Doing six five minute sets seems like it would accomplish the same thing - in terms of stress to the penis. It’s cumulative time that’s important I think, not continuous time. Taking breaks like this could save you from all types of injuries. Foremost of which would be thrombosis. Thrombosis in the setting of PE only happens because of venous stasis. You let blood sit around for long enough, the platelets get activated and form clots.

And come to think of it, it really might help with the whole discoloration issue too. The discoloration is from hemosiderin deposition in the skin (a byproduct of hemoglobin breakdown). So to get discoloration like that means that you’re damaging blood vessels because red blood cells physically can’t migrate across the vessels unless they’re damaged. I don’t think that it’s a pressure effect that causes the blood cells to leak out. I think the vessel wall is starved of Oxygen for too long and it loses its integrity. Sure in the end it’s just burst capillaries, but they don’t burst right away.

Anyway, I had made up my mind to never do clamping at all for fear of one day having a bronze penis, but I think the answer might just be shorter sets, and massaging the penis between sets to get the Oxygen restored before starting another one. This may help prevent all forms of PE injuries actually since the whole penis needs Oxygen to survive. It’s not unreasonable to think that the soft tissue and nerve injuries that people get can be partially attributed to straining an already suffocating piece of tissue.

Stretching the penis to all the ridiculous limits we do is what makes PE possible, but starving the penis of Oxygen serves no good purpose in my opinion.

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Originally Posted by goonbaby
I have had little to no discoloration thus far, but I attribute that to taking aspirin every other day as part of my PE regimen. I’d be willing to be that Arginine and NO2 would have a similar effect for different reasons.

Goony, I feel just the opposite about aspirin. I used to rarely get any bruising from PE. Now I take an aspirin a day, and when I clamp, my whole dick turns purple. I think it is because a broken capillary that would normally be a little spot for most people, continues to leak until there is blood everywhere under the skin.
I started a clamping routine about a month ago, and after just a few sessions, I was so discolored I had to stop. A month later I still have discoloration, but it is fading. I will not accept discoloration like that, so I am done with clamping, at least for now.
I never had discoloration from hanging, or stretching or even jelking and squeezing. The clamping bruises me worst right at the clamp edge and then spreads, which is the difference from squeezing.

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Use lots of heat in your routine. Heat will keep discoloration at a minimum. I have very little discoloration, and I do very intense stuff. I use a heat pad and I highly recommend them. I use it throughout my routine not just as a warm up. Use it between sets.

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I admit that even I really take care of my penis since I first started PEing, but I still encounter some discoloration problems… but luckily, it was not such a bad discoloration though.

What I have been doing is preceding and ending my PEing sessions with 10 minutes of hot wrap or penis massage in warm water; and I usually do penis massage in warm water even I don’t PE, because I believe that it helps alot in eliminating the discolored skin. Besides, I use Whitening cream and it works really well though.



7 x 6 EG is perfect!

Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)

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So I think I just found my new routine. I used to pump for 15 minutes at a time, but I was noticing a little bit of dick darkening the last few days. I’m attributing it to the long pump session but I can’t be for sure since I also jelq and stretch.

First of all I use an egg timer to keep me on schedule.

I start with a pump session because it’s effortless to pump so it’s a nice way of easing yourself into the commitment of working out that day. But instead of a 15 minute session I only do five. In an effort to save time I water pump with water as hot as I can stand. So I eliminate the whole hot wrapping ordeal. 10 mintes saved. Then after my first five minute session I massage for about a minute - not jelq. Lubed strokes going from tip to base for a while then base to tip. I do this to restore the blood flow and let the penis recover.

Then I set the timer for another 5 minutes and alternate between jelqing and stretching - which isl argely determined by how erect I am at the moment. After five minutes I do another 5 minute pumping set.

Rinse, repeat.

I do this a total of 4 times with jelqing and stretching in between.

Like I said in my last post, the theory is that with shorter sets you won’t get discoloration, because you won’t starve your vessels of O2 to the point where they can’t maintain their integrity anymore and burst.

Just a theory of course. Only time will tell if it’s right or not but it makes intuitive sense.

A few days(3 or 4) of moderate intensity manual stretches(total sessions lasting 30 minutes by alternating hands as each gets tired - usually after 2-3 minutes) is all it takes for me to get pretty bad discoloration. It’s a pain in the ass and has pretty much derailed my PE. I have an average unit to begin with, and I’m not willing to accept the cost of discoloration. I’d love an another inch but not until I can find out how to keep the darkness at bay.

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Hanging uncut with a home made bib has given me some pretty bad discolouration on my shaft and end of glands.

I have never had any discoloration from hanging.

Hanging with the bib got me really bad. I had slight mild discoloration from erect jelqing and squeezes and I never got any from regular jelqing.

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So it has to be an interplay between the intaluminal pressure of the capillaries and the integrity of the capillary wall. The wall can be violated (burst capillary) with pressure alone - say a gruelling clamping session, or by decreasing the integrity of the capillary wall (prolonged O2 deprivation). Having said that, people seem to be on a fairly broad spectrum in terms of what they can take before they get discoloration. I unfortunately seem to be heavy on the discoloration end. I’m already noticing some bronzing of my dick. If it stayed where it was right now it would be OK, but I’m just at teh beginning of my PE career - and don’t want to end up with a huge but ugly penis.

So I’m curious to hear more about this bleaching cream and who has or has not had success with it. I know that 4% hydroquinone is what porn stars have recently been using to bleach their assholes so maybe it would work on the penis too. I’m just touchy about putting any medicine directly on my glans.

Unfortunately for me, my biggest problem with discoloration is with my glans. You can’t really tell when I’m erect, but when I’m flaccid it’s kind of stained a yellowish brown in an irregular way. From what I’ve read, many guys have this problem - and it’s not pathologic, but it would be nice if I could make it a healthy pink again. Maybe this bleaching cream is the answer.

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