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The exact sound of the lig "pop" and gain or not from that?

The exact sound of the lig "pop" and gain or not from that?

I had a bit of a crunch at the top of my dick at the base when I was stretching last night. No pain then or today. It really didn’t dawn on me this might be related to the pops spoke of here until suddenly a few minutes ago.

So I did a search and indeed there are good discussions on this and a few guys have mentioned they felt a crunch rather than a pop. Wonder why most guys get a pop and some guys get a crunch? Maybe the crunch isn’t as much a movement, because I have no pain from it and I think only pops are usually associated with any pain?

What exactly does the pop sound like—- rather than just a “pop” :) ? Is there a pop of something the sound can be compared to? Is it still uncertain whether a pop or crunch will equate to a sudden gain or not? Do you have gains from pops or crunches?

I have always seem to get a gain after my dick starting making a pop or crunch and dam if I know why.

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I usually get pops, almost on a daily bases when doing my semi erect morning jelques, its kind of painless and similar to the finger pops. It feels good though I have no evidence I have made any gains from them

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I don’t think the ligs itself “pop”. I think it’s the cartilage responsible for that.

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I think it’s a popping sound (like your knuckles popping) and a crunching feeling. I dislike the feeling, but I am used to the pops by now. As I said in another thread, I haven’t gained from the pops. If I had gained from them I’d be hung like a horse by now :D

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