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The Enlarger Strap

The Enlarger Strap

This is a question for Goingdeep, Rich Cashdollar, Tex3 and anyone else who has ever used the enlarger strap. I was curious how long you guys can keep the thing on? I have been using it for a couple of weeks. I wear it in the car, and when I go to bed. However, I can only wear the damn thing about an hour at a time. My pud starts to get a little numb and then I have to take it off. I usually wrap with a light wrap, but despite the different wraps that I have tried, I can’t increase the wear time - except at night. At night, I usually can keep it on about 3 hours before the discomfort wakes me up. I think that part of my problem is that I have a smaller coronal ridge due to a shitty job that was done by the Dr. when he circumcised me. In any case, I just wanted to hear from some other users of the strap.

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If you want to fix your problem, then I can help you kill two birds with one stone! Read my post in the above thread.


Re: The Enlarger Strap


When I wear it to work, it’s on 6-7 hours, but bear in mind that I drink a lot of water and have to undo it at pit stops. Even so, after 6-7 hours I’ve just got to take it off. The reason I can wear it that long is because I’ve been wrapping with a piece of some old, thin sweatpants.

The reason your pud is getting numb is that there’s too much pressure on a nerve and/or circulation is being reduced too much. The reason for that would be the strap is too tight, and the reason for that is that it has to be to keep it from slipping over your corona.

So I’m wondering if maybe you could augment your coronal ridge with some O-rings. I’ll try it too - maybe Pep Boys or Home Depot are open today.




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