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The drumstick technique

Palms up

I like the drumstick technique - it does work. It gets the same level of engorgement for me as palm up jelqing, which I’m thinking about using exclusively, maybe with a little stick thrown in.

I find jelqing with palms up works a lot better than palms down in general. I can get a very good tight grip with my palm facing up instead of down like so many sites show. And if I move my fingers out of the way, I can get just as deep if not deeper into the base with each jelq as I can with palms down. I am convinced that my gains have come as a result of palm up jelqing (I mix the two). When I do it palms up, the head of my dick looks as if it will explode - it gets a lot fatter when I do it palm up (as evidenced by mirror) and the effort is much less. It seems to be a more efficient use of my hands. Doing it palm down seems to stress the hand itself because of the awkward position (the hand being being somewhat twisted to go through the motion) which at least for me doesnt allow for the same kind of grip I can get with palms up.

Anybody else do it palms up?

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I think a combo of both ways, palms up and down works best for me. Palms up seems to get better engorgement while palms down seems to get a better pull (for length).

Anybody ever afraid they will injure themselves? I’ve read of some nasty injuries lately.

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