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The 'Dream' - inside a PEer's skull

The 'Dream' - inside a PEer's skull

Thought I’d relay a dream I had about 4-5 nights ago. I remember the essentials, so that’s what I will mention. I think it says alot about what goes through many of our minds.

The dream centered around me being back in HS, but as in most dreams it was a weird mixture of reality - a sort of community center HS. Anyhow, I am there and in strides one of my real highschool sweethards (I mean hearts!). Her name is Marcie. Now let me tell you something about the real Marcie.

She was a blonde-headed girl with a cute little bubblebutt, average breasts, and a contagious smile. Not ditsy at all, but she had a cheerleader’s enthusiasm, but totally was not into that scene or image. She was fun, friendly, and a partygirl. Pretty intelligent, too. Anyhow, Marcie had a big rep for putting out. In fact, she LOVED sex. This was, of course, some time ago and not today when girls give it out for nothing. But Marcie did way back when..

So Marcie and I would often find ourselves paired off together at small parties where my friends had regular girlfriends. Here’s the thing - although I slept with a handful of girls in HS, I never had sex with Marcie. Now I know that she would have done so, and she probably wanted to for all I know, because we got along really well. But the thing was that I felt intimidated by her ‘history’, as if I just wouldn’t measure up. It wasn’t a penis size issue - I honestly never considered it. It was an experience issue. I was just an average HS guy when it came to sex. So Marcie and I never fooled around. Which may or may not have been a good thing - you never know.

Back to the dream - so Marcie comes into the dream and we reintroduce ourselves, checking up on what each other has been doing. I can’t remember how I find this out (maybe through another person in the dream) but Marcie has had ‘em BIG and likes them like that now. She says she can handle up to a max of 17” in her (!!!), but she is satisfied if the guy is 15-16”, too. Well, in my dream (the numbers reflect the weirdness of dreams, no?), I have a 15” penis which I’ve built through PE. So I *know* based on our past and my measurements that she’d have sex with me, and we’re getting along really well just as in the past.

Here’s the rub….

I delay having sex with her. Not because I don’t have experience. At this point I’ve slept with well over 20+ women and know the ropes, having the knowledge and experience of a man, not a teenager. So experience, in my dream and unlike my HS past, is not the issue.

The issue is that I am 2” shorter than the max she can handle and what I perceive is her ultimate joy length. So I go very heavily into PE to prepare for having Marcie. The dream pretty much unravels as all dreams do… Sadly no sex with Marcie and a wet dream.. :(

Anyhow, I just was struck by the message it sent me. I don’t get into the metaphysical stuff that people impute to dreams, but I do know that many dreams are a significant form of feedback of your unconscious mind.

Just wanted to share the dream, dudes.


Never discount the value of dreams. I have had some dreams where I was either having sex with a woman or else trying hard to (I’ve never understood this cause if it’s my dream, then dammit, I should be able to have the sex). In any case, some of the dreams and the women were so vivid and unforgetable that I still think about them at times. I am married and love my wife dearly, but I’d probably get an instant erection (and maybe a supernatural scare) if I actually ran into a woman who was exactly one of the women in my dreams. I’ve had enough bad dreams (of all sorts) in my life to appreciate when I have a good sex dream. I think it is your body’s way of satisfying itself. Regarding the matter of the “15 incher” in your dream - do you think that the idea would be to club her into unconsciousness with that club before you boinked her? Just curious. I always enjoy your posts, Buster.

Happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Club her! HAHA I could probably hang her with a 15-17” dick.

No, I think the subconscious issue is that so often we want to be King of the Hill, and not just the Prince, you know? At what point does it become no longer a goal or dream, but a sickness? The lust for insane size becomes a symptom of a much deeper issue after a point.

Ok, I am gonna let off this. I just wanted to share that.

Ha! Dreams with morals at the end. Nice post Buster. Very illuminating.


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