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The Deal With Dry Jelqing


The Deal With Dry Jelqing

Hey guys, girls, girls/guys,

I am currently in college living is a non PE friendly environment. I live with 8 people, with two bathrooms. The bathroom is always in constant motion and its rude to take an hour of PE time to myself. Something I would normally do at home, in my own privacy. So I’m really trying to back back on track because in the month and a half I started doing PE I went from 6.7x4.6 to 7.4x5.0.

So I want to try dry jelqing because then I can pretty much do it anywhere. My main concern is how well it works and if it hurt anyone, as well as tips or experiences.

Basically lets talk about Dry Jelqing.

I never let a half stepper get ahead of me.

It’s OK, no pain no harmful, it’s more clean and more comfortable.

One thing is worst, in dry it’s so difficult to keep erect, while in wet it’s so easy.


You could buy or make an ADS stretcher and have it under your clothes so that would take care of your stretching. Then just jelq in the shower or whenever you have time to do it.

Dry jelqing is more intense than wet. Very efficient, ie. no mess and moderate to really good gains.

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Can anyone suggest a routine?

I never let a half stepper get ahead of me.

You can still wet jelq. Instead of lube just use olive oil, you don’t have to wipe it off after because after about 10min of jelqing the oil would have been absorbed into the skin and you would be practically dry jelqing.

This is my method and it works great :up:

02-08-2007: 7"BP-4.7"EG "Starting Length"

sandisk those are pretty good gains you got in that small amount of time that you PE’d, what was your routine?

Starting Measurements (2/27/07): BPEL-5.3" EG-4"

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I did the newbie routine then I increasingly upped the minutes of wet jelq after the first 4 weeks or so, basically after I stopped getting gains. THe only reason I stopped was because I had to go to school and had close to no privacy.

I never let a half stepper get ahead of me.

Valentino what are your gains now?

I never let a half stepper get ahead of me.

Dont know, still a month to go till I measure. Ill let you know, when I know :)

02-08-2007: 7"BP-4.7"EG "Starting Length"

My 2 cents here: dry-jelqs work well, but are more intense, so you need more rest betwenn work-days.

I would try 1 on - 1 off, or even 2 days/week, adding 5 strokes per week, and taking 1-2 week off after 5-6 weeks of work. I found D-J are so productive that penis adapt to them in short times.

However, you could try the bennet8 routine - see “The two inch club” thread. It could accord to your environment.

In the end, a pump could fit with your life-context, also.

My bests.

My dry jelq method has been a success for me. I do them in the shower. And I prefer them over wet jelqs.

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I kind of like damp jelqs. Seriously.


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I got great newbie gains (1”+) with this routine:

75 stretch-kegels
3X5min stretches

This requires about 25 min of privacy and you can split it like 10 in the morning (stretch-kegels) and 15 at night (3x5min stretches).

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