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The chord

The chord

Is the chord the septum?

Whatever the chord is, I am trying to target that- I really think it is holding me back.whenever I pull flaccid, the chord feel really tense, but I believe the underside of the tunica is really stretched but, I won’t get any gains because the ‘chord’ is holding me back.

If the ‘chord’ is the higher angle stretches target that area just like the rest of the tunica.? Specific fulcrum stretches needed? What will the ‘chord’ feel like when it is being stretched-where will I feel it


I have the same concern. I have a very low LOT, so supposedly I should be stretching upwards in order to gain. When I pull straight out though, something in the top part of my penis feels taut. This same portion does not feel adequately addressed during the upwards Tunica stretches, so I am trying to integrate more angles. Tiger, let me know if you find anything that works for you.


Someone out there has to know how to target this area.

Higher angles will stretch the CS more and with lower angles you stretch your ligs more. Have to use an angle in between and/or use a fulcrum.

You can also use v-stretches and inverted v-stretches to target the septum. With inverted v-stretches the septum is being more stretched than the rest of your dick and with v-stretches you apply extra force locally.

Whenever my septum is under tension I don’t really feel it unless I touch or press on my septum for a sec then I can feel a burning sensation if it has been under tension for a while, the feeling disappears when I let go. I wonder if others experience it like this too.

Hey Piet:

I tried some v-stretches with a fulcrum.I didn’t feel any real strain or stress while doing the workout. Worked the septum for about 25 minutes.

Like you said, you didnt really feel it, unless you actually pressed down on the ‘chord’. I felt it a little bit when I pressed down.

Not to jinx myself (knock knock knock) but 5 hours after I finished the workout, the ‘chord’ actually feels a little bit looser, not as taunt-or maybe a little bit more broken up.

Am I just imagining this, or if the septum was really tight to begin with, do you think one solid exercise could even loosen it up? (I’ll be doing many more workouts in the future)
But has anyone ever felt loosening immediately after? Like I said, I didnt really feel much stress when I did the v-stretch, although I felt it a little bit when I pushed down.

Any thoughts-comments would be appreciated

Knock on wood again: the underside of my tunica has really been loosened up and can stretch very well, the septum/chord is holding me back, so I hope that working it out consistently and getting it stretched can help me can rather quickly- I believe it is my current limiting factor for the entire tunica not gaining any length yet
Knock knock knock - cause when I always think I got something going for me.I really don’t


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